Things are rocky at MSN SPACES lately. Many people are fed up and jumping off into other venues.. mainly FACEBOOK.

I find facebook a nice place, but not for the real blogger who has something to say. I don’t like the tiny tiny font. and practically go blind trying to SEE what people comment there. YES.. I HAVE bi-focals and it is still hard to read.. anyway.. it occurred to me that if MSN spaces is “on the way out” maybe I should transfer some of my recent blog entries here for safe keeping. SO.. for the record.. Here is some of the latest ones I have posted…

MAY 3rd

News from here
Gave in .. bought a weedwhacker.. it works but the
guard on the front wouldn’t stay on so BACK it goes.
I had three people try to screw it on right and nothing
could line it up to stay put where it was supposed to be.
Isn’t that the way it is?? I mean how aggravating.
Friday I was stung by a bee. I haven’t been stung since
being a child. It was quite the shock and being away from
home I had to seek help from a pharmacist on what to put
on it. It sure hurt for some time and it DOES hurt more than
getting a shot, so I can remember to tell the next child that
when the occasion arises.
KEPT hearing noises outside our house and sure
enough those pesky BIRDS were trying to get the
cover off the vent hole that we placed on there last
year. Boy, they are persistent.Confused Sis and I decided to
re-do it and make sure it was secure enough that
nothing including bees, wasps, or hornets etc. would
get in there. The links you have to go through ..sheesh.
Been busy making necklaces and bracelets still. Using up some of
the beads that I bought and creating unique one of a kind projects.
I noticed recently in the major stores, that simple beaded bracelets
go for quite a  bit of money nowdays. If you buy a set with
necklace and earrings.. you can be looking at 40 to 50 dollars.
Why do that when you can make your own? So it keeps me
occupied while I watch tv at night.
I bought a weedwhacker and then it was defective so I took
it back? WELL.. just thought I would give you fair warning.
NOT to buy a B****& D^^##R cordless model. Eye-rolling It took over
an hour to take it back. The management had to get someone
to put a new  one together for me and good thing he TRIED..
The second and third boxes were all defective in one way or another.
I DECIDED on another model and brand name after the second one was no good.
One box was missing parts, one the handle was installed upside
down and No Way to turn it over. The guy installing them was
appalled. Mind you, this guy was installing them in front of me
in a very open place in the store so that everyone around knew
what was happening. Doesn’t bode well for the company
who makes them at all. Sad I told the manager on duty that it makes
his store look bad and they should turn in a complaint. I will
always wonder if they did or not. I, myself, will voice my own
opinions at their company website. Wink You  know me.. I won’t
just let them slide, no siree.
AHhhhhhhhhhhhh some catching up feels good.. here is some more….
MAY 13th
Yesterday, while sitting in the center waiting for mom,
I got asked THAT question again.. “DO you work anywhere?”
I have been asked that a lot lately. “DO you have a job?”
I am so tired of having to defend myself that I just say
“Yes, I work 24/7..365.. no days off..”Disappointed  To the average
person Caregiving is NOT A JOB I guess. I told this nice
woman yesterday that IF I was not doing what I was
doing, my mother would be in a  tendercare home and NOT in very
good shape. Her condition has improved so much in the
past 60 days she has been home, that even her doctor’s and the
physical testing they have done has proven it.
 I guess
it comes down to personal choice and I made that choice.
After 20 years of helping other people and their parents I now
chose to help my own parent. Plain and simple. I watched
as older patients sat alone and had no help or contact
other than what I alone gave them. I knew how it was out
there in the world. How bad it could get.
When I
made the decision I didn’t know I would have to give up so much
or defend myself so much to everyone I met along the way.
“Wow” she said. “you are so dedicated.. I admire that.”
I smiled and thanked her and
I said.”There was no question in my mind at all in doing
what needed to be done.” My mother took care of my dad
when he had kidney failure and we helped. I knew what it
took to take up that challenge. Times have changed since
dad was sick. Things are better now, machines work better
and so does medicine. Procedures are done now that were
not even dreamed of back in the early 90’s.
Doctor’s asked us.. Do you want the QUALITY or the QUANTITY
of life for your mother?  HOW ABOUT BOTH! Smile
Her life is better with care at home than any place she could
be right now and she is happy with it. Later on if she can’t
stay home and I can’t handle it THEN and only then will
we worry about what is next. Smile
Sorry if this sounds too much like a rant, but it was something
that was weighing on my mind this morning.
Thanks… I needed that!! Red heart
That purchase I made a while back
on the recommendation of my Sis Carole..Red heart the BACK JOY.. has
really saved me many hours of aching. I do walk but I do sit
a lot in a car waiting for mom’s treatment to end. Yesterday it
was cold and rainy and no weather to be out walking in.
I realized when I got home that I had been sitting in a car or
inside the center for  a total of almost 6 hours!! WOW! We don’t make
trips back home with gas teetering at 3$ a gallon, so you are faced with
sitting in the car. Just wanted to mention my great JOY
at sitting on the BACK JOY and it really does work! I use it at
home in chairs, the couch and I LOVE IT!  Well worth the $$ for sure.
Well I managed to catch up in less than 1000 words.. so I will end it here for awhile..







I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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