The new General Dollar store opened in town

here a little bit early. I went inside and they were

still stocking shelves. I counted 8 people stocking

at the same time. I mentioned to one gal that they

really were a little bit anxious to open and she said..

” We don’t want to lose one dollar.”  Sheesh.. anyway“““

I looked around inside to see what they had that might

be different from our other dollar store. I noticed

that they had more FOOD items than ever. When the

only grocery store in town charges an arm and a leg

for some things, you try to find it elsewhere. Guess

they got the message.

I ran across this muffin mix that just made me

laugh. It is only sold in 18 states so far so chances are

you haven’t seen it. I am here to tell you.. buy it when

you do.

MAYBERRY’S FINEST That link will take you to it.

I tried their PEACH COBBLER muffins. OH

MY..I could just hear Andy Taylor saying

Yummmm Yummmm Aint Bea these are Deeee licous!!

I didn’t see any of the other brands they have at the

website, but I will be looking. It’s a cute concept and

the products are good. Can’t wait to try something

else they have.


All the Finale shows are happening now on Tv.

My picks are  EVAN on DWTS.. and LEE on American Idol..

I like the gal but I still think it will be a guy this year.

The Lost finale is on Sunday for the whole series and

after all this time I STILL don’t know what the heck is

going on. It has been one of the craziest series I have

ever watched. 24 will be wrapping up soon too and

Jack won’t be back. He went on a killing spree last

week and after all that, plus kidnapping a former

President of the USA.. He will be put away for good,

escape to never never land or shot on sight. It has been

pretty good this year, hate to see it go. They will make

a major motion picture later, but it just won’t be the

same.  LAW and ORDER has been cancelled. The

original one, not the spin offs. HEROES isn’t coming

back and so many other shows that have been on

for some time. Wondering what we will get to

suffer through next year that is even interesting to

watch. At least I still have NCIS!!!


Nearly 80 here today by afternoon and that

makes me happy. Been a long time coming.

Along with it comes the fires. We have two

burning up north right now. As of today 20 homes

have been destroyed. They just don’t get the

rain we do in our part of the state. Looks

like it could be a rocky Memorial day next

weekend for campers in the northern part

of our state this year.


Today I have to hassle with the pharmacy again. The

medicine they have for Mom costs 20$ more in one

town than the other. Sooo I have to have it resent

to the other store. Have to save wherever you can

no matter how much trouble it is. Endless paperwork

and keeping track. THANK GOD for folders and





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