Yesterday while I mowed the lawn and batted the mosquitos
off me.. I thought about that idea of placing the fabric softener
sheets on me while I worked. Thinking smileWELL ..Hmmmm.. it wasn’t even
ten minutes and my head was stopped up and the smell of
the sheet overpowered me. Just a thought..when it is hot and
muggy it might NOT be such a great idea to place one of those
too darn close to your NOSE! Ughhhhh.. could be just me though..
summertime is my worst time for allergies etc.Sad smile
WHY oh WHY when I change the water in the birdbath do the birds 
STOP coming? I mean for a whole day sometimes. I make
sure the water has set out to room temp and not cold.
I dump out the dirty stuff and replace with clean water…somehow
they seem to PREFER the nasty stuff. Odd I think, but maybe
that is just how “my” birds do things. Thinking smile
Having issues with low blood sugars lately. I have been so stressed
that some days I may have sugars in the 60’s and 70’s and not even know it
until I really begin to feel bad. I am re-learning how much protein I have
to have and how to avoid the stuff that won’t help me keep things on
an even level. Found a Special K bar that really helps a lot. In case you 
are wondering they don’t taste like cardboard and that is a good thing!Smile
I like their products and have used quite a few they have. Glad they
are looking out for us by making products that are nutricious and
convenient too.  
Remember awhile back I talked about the ROCKER SHOES.. well update
on those.. I am wearing mine all the time still and find it impossible to
go back to other shoes. Reason… other shoes are so uncomfortable!
Anytime you can mow the lawn and walk all day long and not have
any pain is a good day! I love mine!StarMine are called Therashoes,
so I can’t speak for other brands though.
I mentioned awhile back also that Sis got into the poison ivy. I had a
little conversation with an RN yesterday who swears up and down that
putting SELSUN BLUE hair shampoo on the area with cotton swabs will
dry that stuff right up.. WHAT???? In all the research I did about the stuff
this remedy NEVER came up. Seems you hear something new everyday.
Maybe what works for one doesn’t always work for another …who knowsConfused smile
WELL enough thinking..

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  1. You might consider using chlorinated water for the bird bath. It might be the chlorine in the water that’s bothering the birds. It takes, on average, about a day for the chlorine to evaporate out of the water. I only know this because I have an aquarium and it’s bad for fish and my books tell me that it takes this long for the chlorine to evap off.

    Give it a try, I’d be interested in the difference.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Pat is diabetic too but so far we’re doing good keeping the numbers in check. Every now and then he lets his drop too low and has to eat right something right that minute to bring it back up. Think I’ll go Google Therashoes .. can’t resist if they’re as comfy as you say they are. Fizz may well be right. The chlorine in your water might be turning your birds off. Our dog prefers to drink out of the pond and ignores clean water dish. lol. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. 🙂

  3. I gotta say, I really can’t do those dryer sheets. The smell is so strong. It probably attracts the bugs, rather than the other way around. Can you catch rainwater for the birdbath? That’s what we use and they don’t care if it’s fresh or old. We refill it when it gets so low that the little ones can’t reach it to get a drink. Have a good one!

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