Don’t know about you all.. but I have found myself trying to go to  my old place at least 4 or 5 times lately and so I had to delete some links in my favorites list. I know it all is bounced back to WordPress now.. at least mine is. I just kept looking for it to go to my “old home”. What it’s like is when you move to another apt. or just have to get accustomed to another way the furniture sets and where everything is. I still have some adjusting to my Blogspot place. I am adding things there as I go too. Sorry some of you could not find it or have access to the rss feed. I am working on it. There are so many options in the new places it is mind-boggling. I don’t nearly have the time to  work on them either.

Things here have been busy. Sis had her birthday interupted when she tweaked her knee and I ended up taking her to the dr office because she could hardly walk. Some way to celebrate. She is on vacation so at least she can rest and help it heal up before going back to work. Mom was doing well until the other day at treatment.Despite 5 people trying to stop her arm from bleeding at 8pm they sent her by ambulance to the ER to have the doctor there get it under control. We spent two hours there and the doctor used surgical glue to make sure the bleeding would not return again. We ended up at home at nearly 10pm. A long day.I know that if her episode had happened earlier in the daytime, she would have just had to sit until someone could get it under control. No ER visit would have been necessary. I have requested Mom be put on a treatment schedule earlier in the day, but we are on a wait list right now. The ER doc was a young guy and really nice. Mom had had enough of waiting around since we had been gone from our home early in the day. When he got ready to glue the area in her arm he said..”I’ll be back in a minute.”. Mom looked him right in the eye and said..” Well, you better make it snappy, and don’t take an hour!” He looked at her in shock and just laughed. I said..”she is serious!!” We all laughed some more. Mom has been in the ER enough to know that they sometimes say one thing and mean another.She was a pretty happy person when he told her it was sealed shut tight and would not give her any trouble for some time to come. Wishing they had this stuff to use in the dialysis center, but alas it is only used for the more serious cases and used by a doctor not a nurse. Drat!! 

Tomorrow is another harvest festival in town. I was hoping for nice warm weather but they tell us it will be the coldest weekend so far.I know that will dampen the turnout, but I will still go and check out the booths etc.  FROST is being talked about for Sunday or Monday morning. Fall is here and the trees are turning slowly. I have noticed this year that some trees are NOT turning.. they just go brown and the leaves fall off. I guess a sign of a very hot and dry summer here. We have been so lucky to avoid the flooding and bad storms that other states are going through. Many fields are being harvested along the backroad we drive three times a week. It’s a busy time of year for the farmers.

Gas prices are DOWN here as the pipeline that leaked all over the place, has been cleaned up and is running again at 1/2 capacity.They are taking no chances now and using all kinds of precautions to make sure it doesn’t cause any trouble. A third independent party has been assigned to make sure things are done right. You don’t MESS with the EPA!! Our prices dropped 25 cents in less than a day after it was turned back on. Right now they stand at 2.65 a gallon. Let me fill the tank and they will go down again. It always happens. 

Well that is what is going on here right now. I finally got some time to sit and rest up while I wait for mom’s treatment to be over. Here is my new “study” spot at the library.Don’t care much for the TREE around it but when sitting it isn’t a problem.   It’s kind of secluded there so it is really a lot quieter than the rest of the library is. I don’t have much of a real view but then most times my eyes are on the computer screen anyway. Well that is about it from my view point.. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!


P.S. Yes Mr. Roketman that is your picture you took on my desktop. I know I didn’t ask permission but then it doesn’t stay on there for long. I do change it a lot. I love the picture!!


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  1. WOW…you’ve ben BUSY!! I like to hear that your mom gave the young DR orders to be snappy… as a DR he needs to know that the world doesn’t revolve around him!!

  2. What Juli said about the quacks. Get ’em Mom!

    Carol, you just go right ahead and use any of my work you like for your desktop with the understanding that I will accept no responsibility for monitor damage, mental illness or incarcerations resulting from said use. That is Simon’s job. Why do you think I let him live in the storage shed rent free?

  3. I think the price of gas just went up around here again. The temperatures is the same here as it is there, cold. Where’s fall? I want 60s and 70s, not 40s and 50s.

    Good for your mother in demanding the appropriate care from the medical staff. My father has been visiting the hospital regularly now for treatment and he’s been told to speak up when things don’t feel right.

    I haven’t fixed the links on my blog’s home page in years. I’ve been very negligent in that regard.

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