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Will start this by posting that we still haven’t seen anything but a few light flurries here and I am surely grateful for that. I don’t look forward to shoveling this year at all. The wind is sure cold though and anytime it gets up to 40 I rejoice!  Our Thanksgiving here was quiet. I baked and cooked for two days so that we would have tons of leftovers. I went shopping for new boots and found several I liked. Got mom a pair too. She hasn’t worn boots in probably 10 years now. This year if she is living here at home she will be out in the cold and snow so they are really a must. I used that word “IF” in the sentence because starting next month she will undergo another surgery if all goes well, and hopefully it won’t be as hard on her as the last one was. One person can only do so much with the help of nurses, aides and such who visit for a short time 2 or three times a week here at home. Mom hates all the running back and forth to doctor’s appointments, especially in the winter time. They have to be done though, so we grit our teeth and get through them. I hope to be able to take care of her at home, because that is where she wants to be.  She thrives here, and does not do well anywhere else. Will let you know how it all goes.


On the washing machine subject..ours went out and we are still without because it has been a real chore getting to a place out-of-town to order a replacement. The warranty we had was GREAT. They replace, remove the old one.. with no charge at all. The amount they gave us will more than cover a top of the line machine. I have done the homework on-line and decided that the type we had before is no longer an option and we are going to go MAYTAG this time. Hopefully they will hold up to their promise and that old repairman will never see our door! They came today and replaced the old washer…however some of the fixtures were leaking and it needed a longer drain hose.. so it STILL doesn’t work. When they took the old washer out, some water was still inside the lines that did not drain out…you guessed it.. water all over the basement floor…  : (  Will be trying to get someone to fix this mess this week when they can arrange to come. I just have the feeling, another trip to the laundromat will be called for. Hate that thought with a perfectly good NEW machine in my basement.  Not a happy customer..but it is NOT the job of the delivery person to fix my old plumbing.  The saga goes on…..


Update on the computer problem. The company is covering all charges, once again, because I bought an additional warranty on it. After being on the phone for almost an hour, the technician said he would FED EX me an adapter and I should try that first and they will Call Me to see if it worked. He swears there is nothing wrong with the computer, it is just a faulty power adapter and it was not charging the laptop.He is not living in my house, but he assures me HE IS RIGHT!   Will be sure to let you all know what happens.  I hate this slow dial-up but at least it is better than nothing! My access is extremely limited though. I spend more time waiting than visiting or commenting or anything else.. and to THINK we all started out that SLOW!


I send out my sincere prayers and thoughts to Chip Allen and his family at the loss of their beloved furry family member SAM. Greater love have no man that the love of his devoted, faithful, dog. Hugs to you all, I know you will all be reunited one day.


Will wrap this up.. Hope you all have a great week!




IF you haven’t heard from my Facebook page, I am having computer issues so posting here will be limited for awhile. My laptop crashed and with no power source available on it, it will have to be sent back to the company where I have the warranty on it. This will take time..precious time for me to say the least. I at least hope for them to resolve the problem or replace the whole thing. I have had issues once before with this same laptop, so maybe it was just time. Given the holidays and such, I expect it will be some time before they can get it back to me.  I will be doing the best I can to keep up at least at facebook with all of you.




Shopping in the stores, and standing in line waiting, you are  sure to overhear a whole lot of conversations that you just cannot avoid. People use their cell phones and talk to one another like they were all alone. The lady in front of me had a small child in the seat in her cart. I was drawn to her immediately because she reminded me of my niece when she was small.  She could not sit still for a second and very talkative. Her pretty pink coat and hat made her blue eyes just pop and shine when she looked at you. I smiled as I waited for the belt to clear so I could load my items.

All of the sudden she stopped swinging her feet and got the most terrible look on her face. I started to say something to her mother but never got the chance. The little girl let out a wail that you could hear for several aisles over. Her mother turned quickly to see what was wrong. She tried to calm the little girl down the best she could while trying to finish checking out. The cashier looked annoyed, and I just stood there trying to figure out what the heck triggered her sudden  outburst. When the mother finished paying she pulled the cart further to the front of the aisle. All the while the child was just crying her eyes out. I started loading my items and pushing them toward the cashier. Finally the mother asked her what she was crying about. The little girl looked up at her mother just shaking as she sobbed. “Mommy…Santa got laid off and there won’t be any Christmas this year!” Her mother was shocked at the statement. So was I, and the cashier who heard her. “Where did you hear that?” she asked her. The little girl said..” THAT lady said Santa won’t be coming this year to her house.” pointing to the cashier. The startled cashier, stopped checking out my groceries and looked at the little girl. She moved closer to her and said “Honey I never said that at all, I said “If my husband gets laid off MAYBE santa won’t come this year.” Funny how children that young can hear only parts of a conversation and believe it with their whole heart. 

The little girl stopped crying and seemed happy with that answer. They walked away and the cashier came back to doing her job checking out my groceries.  I told her she was sure lucky that the little girl accepted her explanation. She gave me my receipt and said, “I guess I better watch what I say this time of year.”  I smiled and thought she was sure right about that. In this day of bad news happening a lot, kids take things to heart.  We should try to keep their minds clear of a lot of the bad things and focus on the good ones.



Thirty five million drivers over 65 years old and in 35 years at least 35 million more.Listening to that statement gave me chills. IF you have ever driven with an elderly driver who is not quite up to parr with all the rest of us you know what I mean. We had to finally disable my dad’s pick up to keep him from breaking away from home when we were gone. The neighbors did their part by watching out for him, but after several mishaps.. it was clear.. he needed to be taken off the streets. We tried everything. Taking keys away, pulling spark plug wires, telling him there was no gas. Nothing worked. Running over curbs and several near misses while driving did not deter him. He just didn’t realize what was happening.  Don’t get me wrong.. I am  not saying all elderly drivers are a hazard on the roads. I am saying though, that some really shouldn’t be out there driving.

I will be one of those older drivers in the future, and I hope I have the sense left to remember what it was like in that car with someone who just couldn’t stop. Working with the elderly for so many years I have put myself in harm’s way more than once. One time I ended up in the back seat floorboard praying for my life. One time I had to stand  there while the police officer looked at me in disgust because I didn’t tell the woman that she needed to GET out from under the wheel and let ME drive. Hey she wasn’t a relative.. I just worked for her.  One time I watched a woman back up into the guard rail and nearly put her car into the fast-moving river. One time I sat in the ER waiting to hear if the driver’s arm was broken from running their car into a parked car. I decided in about my 10th year working  to just insist that I do the driving and that was what I was PAID to do. Money talks!! It seemed to work. I watched an old woman drive her  Chrysler station wagon all over her own property just to be able to get under the wheel.  She was a dear woman who at least was not putting anyone at risk while she drove around. There is a freedom we are talking about here. Once that freedom is gone you lose a part of yourself that you have had since you were a teen. It is a very hard thing to do. “NEVER GET OLD”,  I have been told so many times in my life by so many patients! Guess there is no miracle to keep from getting old, but we can sure try. Maybe the powers that be should make anyone over 70 do more testing before giving out a license. Guess it is up to each city and state to make that decision. Our seniors now days are much more aware of laws and regulations and are more alert, smart, and living  a lot longer than ever before.  Someday in the future, maybe there will be no problem with  elderly drivers, by then cars will be driving themselves around and all we have to do is tell them where we want to go. Don’t laugh it could happen..maybe…  



BY GOLLY its Wednesday and yep I am ranting..well it isn’t a terrible rant..just more like a   bunch of complaints  than anything else.  A WHOLE LOT OF .. WHY’s

WHY do people rake all their leaves out into the street in humongous piles and fill the gutters up so that rain can not find the drain system? Can’t they just put them on the lawn side so they can be picked up easily? Then when oncoming cars come toward you.. you either have to stop or drive right  through the darn pile not knowing what “else” is hidden in the pile. We are not talking small piles here, we are talking large piles at least 2 feet high. Well, I ran over most of mine with a lawn mower so I guess I avoided the large piles at my house  this year. We do have a “lake” in our driveway though from everyone else stopping up the drainage though. I have seen it turn to solid ice before the crews from the city can pick up the leaves. People will never learn.  
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ you state your problem on the phone to a service rep and have to repeat it several times before you get to the person who is  REALLY going to help you? Ran into this one when I tried to call about the washer not working. By the time the third person rolled around I was plenty tired of the whole thing. {The washer is DOA..KAPUT, FINITO… transmission shot..the service guy tagged it and now we wait for more phone calls as to what EXACTLY we are going to get to help replace it..oh this ought to be really good!}


WHY OH WHY..will AMERICA get so darn obsessed over this WILLIAM/KATE marriage thing? I mean come on..they have been a couple for over 7 years now. I guess it is all the pomp and tradition etc as a future KING of a country, but please I am tired of it already and we have months to go before the wedding. 


WHY complain anymore..things will be as they be and nothing we can do about them I guess..I reckon I am just in a mood. It wasn’t helped by dropping wet coffee grounds on the floor, the two raw eggs that rolled off the table behind my back, or the toast that came out looking like the bottom of a shoe this morning. One of those days you just want to crawl back into bed and say..wake me when it’s tomorrow!  I know exactly how it feels!




I’VE heard a lot of talk about blogging being on its way out and “Dead” for a lot of people. Not sure if it is because people like a shortened way of communicating like Facebook and Twitter  or not. I know I just won’t stop.. I had to be run out of Spaces and I am still blogging. It keeps on going.  For’s an outlet of sorts. Getting things out of the mind and sharing with others.  I sat the other night and thought.. What the heck DID I do way back when? Well, I read and I journaled longhand for years. I sure talked on the phone a whole LOT! Every time I just had to say something little, I had to make a note for the next call I was going to make. WE wonder why we love the cell phone and the internet so much. I don’t check my mail or check my Facebook every hour or even every few hours like some do, maybe twice a day.. that seems enough for me. I DO know I have cut way back in my e mails though and my mail boxes are not nearly as full as they used to be since I started back at Facebook.  These are just my thoughts on the subject. I will continue until my fingers can’t type or I can’t see or I am incapable of running a computer. WORDPRESS states…

There are 13.9 million blogs hosted on as of September 2010.. I found this stat page very interesting.. Check it out.. and tell me if blogging is DEAD? 

 HOW on earth can blogging be dead?  Too many people are still reading and posting. Like all things the latest craze can come and go I guess for many. Life can get busy and crazy and you lose track and time and interest in things. I still think Blogging will be around for a while and I know I, for one, will continue to do it.




Well decisions have been made,  and no matter what, we will keep on plugging  along. Mom will have another surgery again next month, not sure what day yet because other things have to fall into place first. It is always something, I am just amazed at her strength.


This Veteran’s Day I am reminded of my uncles who served in WWII and of many I know in blogland who served this country .IF not for their sacrifices where would our country be now? I honor them today and everyday for their service.


Weather here is glorious for November. I am doing all I can to get things done before the cold sets in. I hear about the white stuff  in other parts of the I know to get prepared.  Now to local news..

OVERHEARD in the Laundromat..

DID YOU KNOW that the “widow woman” has not one but THREE  men friends?? THREE.. it’s scandalous! DID you know that one was seen leaving her house at 9 AM..  How horrible!!  I had to chuckle at these two women who were doing laundry and talked at length about the woman they knew as a quite “loose” woman who had so many men friends. Maybe they were jealous of her..maybe not.. who knows, but it sure got tongues wagging and served me some fun. The local college kid who sat near the window turned his face as he laughed out loud. Oh the things you hear in a laundromat.  DID you know that one of the pharmacy’s in town was taken over by another company and they had the “nerve” to come in and fire every employee and replace them all with new ones? HOW sad.. I must say the women are right on this one..the service is terrible now and makes me want to move to another place. Our town has so many out of work and to fire them and hire others is just really wrong. The local election is over and the mayor got re-elected for another term. The man that was running against him was over 70 and had been the mayor previously for over 1o years. WHY oh WHY he wanted to run again is beyond comprehension..voters ousted him for a reason. The women’s opinion.. “He’s an old fart that doesn’t know how to bring business into our town.”  I had to smile and agree with that one.  Margaret,(friend  of theirs)   is having trouble again..seems he moved back home and is now free-loading on his mother who is on low income and medicare. Sits around all day! Have to agree with this one..hope he gets his act together and finds work or some sort of monetary help for them both. I left after my two loads and the women were still there chatting about that “loose woman” and her tendency to wear clothing that revealed way too much of her.

 Saturday night a home here in town burned to the ground. The family of 5 last everything and had NO INSURANCE. Now that itself is amazing. They had just purchased the home that had been remodeled and were looking for a company to insure them. The roof needed replacing or at the very least repair. All in time.. the new owner said..but because the roof was in such a state.. he was having trouble finding someone to write-up a policy. When fire broke out the wife left the home with their three dogs and it collapsed completely in itself and was a total loss. People in this small town rallied bigtime. The family across the street started finding all sorts of clothing and household goods on their lawn and porch. Every day something else shows up. Trouble is .. this family has no home to put them in. Well.. local realtors are also helping out by trying to get them into a home that they might be able to rent cheap. Donations are being sought also by the local chapter of the Red Cross and several churches. Nice to know that people come forward in these hard economic times to help a fellow citizen out in their time of need. Says something about living in a small town that is for sure.