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I have written before about the Lost and Found game that I have been playing, as I go about sifting through the many drawers and boxes and hiding places in our old house. Yesterday I came across a gold watch that my father wore only for the dress up occasion. The band barely used, but the front inside crystal dirty. Wondering how that came to be will probably always be in my mind. I do remember my dad strapping on that watch when we could go on trips or on weekends when he would go out somewhere special.

It made me wonder how old it was so I tried to find it on-line. No luck so far but some very similar to it.  I wound the thing up and away it went. It kept time and was even fast. Having to wind it reminded me of the old days when we used to do that as a routine thing every day. It was a habit we had like brushing teeth or setting an alarm clock. Now we turn on the computer and check e mails and never think about our watch because it just ticks along with its battery intact. As I go through the multitudes of boxes and drawers of life in this old house, memories flood back and the sounds of voices and laughter echo in my ears. Soon I will leave it behind and move on to another place in life, but I will be sure to take some of the treasures I have found along with me.  Mom and Dad back in the 50’s. Wonder if he is wearing the watch?




Sometimes the hours go quickly and the others just seem to drag on forever. Life is like that..a rollercoaster of emotions.  There are so many things that need to be done you hardly know where to start. Luckily , I  was already going through some household stuff and am glad to have some of it done. Living among the boxes now makes it hard NOT to be reminded every minute of my loss. I am so grateful that I took those years to spend with Mom. 

 I haven’t stopped blogging and surely won’t as it helps me keep in touch with so many who are so very dear to me here in the blog family. I may not update as often but sooner or later I will get back to my routine.

Around the neighborhood..Hell House is doing well for a change. Wonderful to see the sidewalks clean and the activity of kids around it again. Kids who behave themselves and we don’t have to call the police on them is a good thing!  Neighbors have been so generous in giving us some meals and help. It is truly a comfort. What would we do without friends? 

Here in town some streets are so bad..falling into one of those potholes you almost have to have a tow truck to get out. Town just keeps filling the holes and they just keep opening up again. The struts went out on the front of our car because we hit one covered in water and $380 later we hope not to hit one again! I avoid them at all costs. Local deer have been spotted closer to town now. They are coming into yards where they have never ventured. Shows how hard their winter has been on them. Bushes and shrubs have been stripped almost half way up by hungry families seeking a meal. Our local gas prices are about 3.18 today and milk was 2.59 last I bought a gallon, prices are just all over the place. Noticed the most beautiful red peppers in the store for  1$ a piece the other day.Big as my whole hand!  HUGE..not sure where they were grown but so nice. Made me wonder what the heck they were using for fertilizer!!  Local city government is warning that road construction will be a real pain this spring into summer when they replace a bridge that goes into town. Getting around will be a mess for those who live outside of town. Talk about detour.. more like a road trip!

Well just thought I would catch up a little here.. will post when I can get a chance. Appreciate all your thoughts and prayers..they mean a great deal to me. 




The sun is out and the skies are blue…there is no snow today but it is a cold February day here. The sun is so bright on the snow that you must wear sunglasses or be unable to see much when you get back indoors. The schools are still closed and many roads are still impassable. While all this winter weather was going on we had to make some difficult decisions. For those of you who are not on Facebook and haven’t been following there, Mom was just not able to endure any more dialysis treatments and they were stopped as of Tuesday.

  The  blessings involved are that mom is not aware of how very sick she is or that her days here with us will soon end. She is not in pain and won’t be in pain. She will slowly drift away from us into a coma state and leave peacefully. I am so grateful for that. It has been a long road this past 14 months, full of hospitalizations, and procedures and many hours sitting getting treatments. WHY would she want to go ahead with these at her age because… “I am not ready to go yet!” she told us very emphatically. It was her wish to continue and so she did.  I made sure that whatever she wanted, that made her happiest that we would do just that. She spent many hours going through circle the words books because “It keeps my mind busy.” We spent time outdoors and in the car traveling the roads and seeing the sights. We ate the forbidden foods like fried chicken and ice cream and had fun knowing we were breaking the rules of her strict diet. She spent time with her two grandchildren and loved every minute of it. I was so glad that she was alert and able to do that.   

Having three surgeries in one month last month took its toll on her. She was just unable to bounce back the way she had done in months past. So now she will be with us only a very short time longer.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for all the support and caring thoughts and prayers of all the blog community.. It is just so wonderful to know that we both have so many people who care so much..