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Not sure what this sign was all about but it was stretched across the entire side of the building. There is a  mill-pond there but not sure if there is a dam there or not.    This bin was empty when we went inside the store. When we came back out well someone had really made a large donation.  Volunteers of America sets these bins around a lot here and they are helpful, but not sure how long the donations sit there before they are collected. Didn’t get the store address as it was out-of-town but hoping someone called them to come get it all. The weather, being so much more spring like now, more people are cleaning and sorting I guess. Glad they are donating instead of  just throwing things out.   




One thing I just can’t stand is someone who is obviously being terribly rude to another person.  Today I came face to face with a woman, who without provocation, was so rude it was shocking. I was  sitting minding my own business in a public library using my own laptop. First the woman comes up and asks politely if she can share the large table with me. I said yes and she sat down. She proceeded to tell me that I WAS IN her place and I should change places with her. I told her I was already working and didn’t care to change. She gave me a nasty look and got up and went to the front desk to complain. I watched the poor library worker try to calm the woman down. GOOD HEAVENS.. this was not a young person. This woman must have been at least in her late 50’s! She came back to the table and I stared at my laptop screen and tried not to pay any attention to her. She proceeded to put on a DVD and let it play on her laptop loudly. When someone else said something to her she put in her earphones, but just smiled at me leaving it run very loudly. I figured she was just trying to get me to leave so I ignored her. HOW far would she go? I mean was the seat I was in all THAT important to her?  I guess it was.. it was only a few minutes before she began humming out loud to her DVD player and eating out of a bag in her purse. Obviously she was treating the library as her own person home atmosphere,no respect for where she was at all.  AS I sat there checking my email and Facebook pages, she finally gave up and packed up her stuff to leave. She put on her coat and leaned over the table and said to me..”HOW rude you are to people, I hope I never see you in this library again.”  I sat there stunned. She left the library in a huff.  In another 15 minutes, I got up to leave the library and as I walked by the front desk the library aide called to me and apologized to me for how awful this woman’s attitude was. I told her I had visited many libraries in my day and had NEVER been treated like that before. She said they had trouble with this lady before and I was smart to just stay calm and not aggravate her any farther. I tell you if I see her in the library again, I will just  steer clear of her for sure. I feel so sorry for the poor person who might be seated in HER SEAT when she shows up. Some people just are too hard to figure out.

WELL that is the latest  incident in my little world. Hope life is treating you kindly..