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WHAT now seems like a lifetime ago, people got up at all hours and stood in line for something called BEANIE BABIES. It was all the rage. I can say I liked them, I can also say I collected some but not like others in my family did.I can close my eyes and still see both my nieces sitting playing and oohing and ahhing over their latest purchase. PEACE Bears were really my favorite, all those swirly two were exactly alike. Ahhhh so cute!!  We traveled hither and dither to places to see what was for sale and who had what old item to sell. They had shows set up in conference rooms at motels  and in malls and school gyms. Gas was cheap and money was not a problem and investing in something that you thought might be worth more in the future sounded like a good idea. Remember pet rocks and Cabbage Patch dolls? Seems the only real money-making idea that is still around is Barbie and Ken and even they are not as popular as they used to be due to computers and XBoxes now days.

As I went through our household things there they set…the entire collection that mom was so excited to buy. I searched on Ebay and put ads out in Craigslist to try to get someone to buy the whole collection. I don’t like even THINKING about what money Mom put into them. Somehow I wished she had invested in Gold jewelry, now THAT would really be something.  Someone said.. DONATE them to the local hospitals for kids to play with while they stay there. What a great idea. There are so many of them though. When I called they said fine but they don’t want  hundreds of them.. Yes… you read that right…HUNDREDS!! All in all we have at least 4 or 5 boxes of them including the sets from McDonald’s.       

YIKES..everything runs in cycles and if you wait long enough it comes around again in a big way. Can’t wait on this though as I am short on space and have no time to wait. So these Beanies..(which the bears were my favorites) may just have to sit and wait for a new home in the local thrift store. Life is tough sometimes..even for a stuffed animal.