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 I lost my Dad  some 17 years ago on a cold, snowy, January 1st. Things here have sure changed in the past  years. Mom was forced into being the head of the house.That was pretty shocking to her, since they had been married 50 years and he had always handled just about everything there was about our life. Mom had no idea what she was in took many people to set her straight as to just what all DAD handled. 

Dad drove..Mom didn’t.. she was “old fashioned” I now she depended on others to get her around.He handled the car repairs and the bill cash always..if he could.. DAD did all the repairs, handled all the household chores that were too big for painting the house and snowblowing and grass mowing. It is typical of the “Southern Way” Mom said. The MAN handles everything and the woman raises the children and tends to the cooking and household duties.

Mom and Dad both were raised in Tennessee.  They moved to Michigan to find work when they married and she was 19 and he was 25. Dad worked hard in many jobs until he started at the
job he held for over 45 years. It was very hot, dirty and long hours. He would climb up a large tower every day with at least 40 steps, many times a day, to help set molds and mix sand for molds for hot iron to be molded into car parts. He took us kids on a tour one time to show us where he worked and how the iron was poured. I was shocked at how dark and hot and dirty it really was. I had more admiration for his stamina after that visit than I had ever had before. I learned to be on time and not miss any days of work from my Dad’s example, I also learned to finish the job and not let it just be someone else’s responsibility. Dad taught me to paint houses ..his way..the right way…oil base and lots of it! He taught me how to check things on my car and would quiz me on car parts so that I would be knowledgeable around a mechanic. He taught good maintenance on all our lawn equipment and the ins and outs of fixing the small things around the house.
He also taught me to respect other people and that your word is
your bond and to treat others like you would like to be treated.
These things I carry with me…everyday…. this year when mom passed away, someone said to me,
“well I bet your Dad and Mom will be very happy now that they are together again.” I tend to agree with them. It gives me comfort to know they are together, watching over us. 



Here is a view looking out my kitchen window..

 It’s a door no longer used from one of the oldest churches in town. The building was sold and a new church built..larger and more modern..but lacks the character of the older one. Storage space right now is all it’s used for, I hope they never tear it down as it is a real treasure and landmark. People are led to certain areas of town by giving it as a bearing to which side of town to travel. I am sure glad I have a kitchen window in the new place, at least you get to have light and a view..some places don’t have that. Guess I got lucky, it could have been a lot worse..a whole building of dorm rooms and oodles of college students.  😉



NOT AGAIN!!  Do not remember if I mentioned that the house next door to me now is kind of another HELL HOUSE. Well it is!! No drug dealers, or hookers or skunks but oh has  Black Mold inside. It has been vacant since the family living there called the authorities. Seems her children were always getting sick. The doctors were stumped until another doctor was called in to consult (wonder if his name was HOUSE?) anyway, upon testing they found so much black mold growing in the house that it was posted by the health dept and closed up.  Yes that is a for rent sign in the yard. Someone was there cleaning the other day but not nearly long enough to clean all that mold up. There are two apartments in that building. Many, many college students have rented there over the years and the parties are notorious for the whole block.  Cops know that house as well as they knew the other one I lived next to. Guess I will have to move on to another town to get away from it….or does one? No matter where you go nowadays you will find something. SURELY it cannot be as bad as HELL HOUSE was all those years. I prefer to believe it, keeping the fingers crossed on this new place for sure.  



Funny how we have special places in our homes where we keep things. We always know it is there when we need it. The brooms go one place and the buckets another and the pantry is so important. Remember mine? I had what was called aMichigan  pantry. Supplies for just about every need. The cabinet sold and a lot of the food given away. Some of it I would NEVER use up by myself. I used to know where things were. It sure plays tricks on you trying to remember which new place you put something. Guess I should have been more organized, but 60 years of stuff well that was a challenge.

After months of moving and lugging and sorting several things are still lost and probably will never surface again. I have always been a person who HATES it when I can’t find where I put something. I search until I find it again.It bugs me.  I misplaced a key to the local post office box. I hadn’t had the key but maybe a week or so. I was informed that they are charging $6.00 a key now to replace them. I kept wondering how long it will take when someone asks me where something is that my mind will go straight to where it was the last time I saw it. My standard answer  is..”I know where it was, but not where it is now!” In that big mess in the storage place..maybe.

Sis and I came across a gold and diamond ring that I gave my mom. She thought she lost it, threw it out in an old purse maybe. We searched the house over for it. Never found it until cleaning out the house. There, in the bottom of a drawer, inside a very small box, was the ring. 

This ring had a story. Mom wore it a lot until one day she was in the parking lot of the doctor’s office and she put her hand too close to the trunk lid and you can guess what happened. Down came the lid on her fingers and I nearly fainted. I screamed but Mom didn’t look too upset. The receptionist came running out of the building carrying one of those neat snap ice packs. Seems the ring band was so solid it held up beautifully and the finger was saved from being crushed. The doctor removed the ring and mom held the ice pack on her hand until we got home. The finger never even turned blue, just swollen some.  Mom retired the ring for a different one, saying she didn’t want to damage it again or lose some of the diamonds. We never saw it again. We all thought it was gone for good.  Sis and I found it several days before we left our old house. We had a good cry over it. I wondered why, oh why, we hadn’t found it with all that looking and before Mom had left us. My guess is that she led us right to it. We had several things happen in that old house that made both Sis and I stop and think. Those who cross over and are away are not always that far away. I will always feel they are right beside us all the time.