Monthly Archives: July 2011


Standard what seems like only a short time, I have lost another “parent”. He sort of adopted me and included me in his family outings and daily life.I gained so much including another sister and brother.  It seems like he was always there. He had been ill for a while now, but I always had hope that he would again beat it and rise to good health. He will be missed in more ways than I can count.              

                                                                           REST IN PEACE “DAD” 





Hard to believe that only three short months ago it was still seemed like the longest winter ever. Now the summer has blessed us with all that warmth that we all wanted so badly.  When you get too hot..just pause and be grateful that we have this respite from shoveling and driving in horrible conditions. Soon enough we will be back to the cold wanting the warmth once again. My opinion is summer doesn’t last quite long enough!!! Picture courtesy UPNORTHCINDY .