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Yesterday storms came through with such power. It stopped people in what they were doing and they started watching the skies. There was a tornado watch out, but these clouds were really not that type. The lower darker clouds were going west to east while the white billowy clouds were building up and up like a mushroom cloud. There was no thunder or lightning while we watched, but when the whole cloud wall merged with one coming from the north. BOOM!

It was quite a strong storm with high winds and much damage. We were lucky. I had to think about what it would be like to watch a larger hurricane like Irene headed towards me. I do hope God hold’s them in the palm of his hand and lives will be kept safe there from harm’s way. 




Good grief,  it sure has been a busy August and not much time to update here. Traveling to see the new young member of the family and then preparing for another move. I find myself wondering if I will remember what box things are in this time around. This move will take me out-of-town and into another place. Not quite sure where it will be, but it will be a new start. More on that when I know more.

We are getting a real break from the heat in our area..not sure how long it will last but I could swear I heard the weatherman say that our really high heat is over now. About time I say!! The local swimming pond has pretty empty lately due to the cool weather,but it sure looks serene for just sitting and enjoying some time off.

I ventured out to the suburbs to the vegetable market and they were so far behind there was NO TOMATOES to be had . She told us at least two more weeks, and they were late coming on the vines.Hard to believe because everyone else has them already. This place does NOT irrigate so they had a long time without rain. THAT means we  have them fresh until frost kills them this year. Looking forward to that.  I sure do miss my plants this year. Nothing like picking your own right out your back door.Takes room to have them and right now I don’t have that. Road crews finally finished the paving of a major street near my apt and the traffic has been crazy. Those guys start at daybreak and there is NO sleeping in around here so I have been on a crazy schedule lately. I have managed to see some of my favorite late night shows in re runs though like American Pickers(History channel) and Storage Wars. I love the way those guys crawl over every inch of someone’s  place looking for something antique to dicker over. I know I sure would NOT want to see some of the dirt and critters they find along the way either! Storage Wars (A&E) is fun, people bid on what they find in storage spaces that have been put up for sale. Makes me look at my storage space a whole new way too. What would they think if they looked into mine? Hmmm.. one man’s junk is another man’s treasure I guess.  Well not much more happening from around here.  Hope you all are savoring all the rest of our summer moments you can!



Imagine my surprise when I cut into two watermelons I purchased and found they looked like this… I got them out-of-town so could not return them to the store. I was curious so I took a bite of one. It tasted like it had some cucumber flavor in it. I guess un-ripe would also describe it. I was sure sad because all the other melons I have gotten are really good this year. Good thing these were on sale and I did not pay 5$ a piece for them like they are in my town here. 

 Couple of days ago when I was out of town I got out of our HOT HOT car and noticed a DOG, a large golden retriever, with his head on the dashboard of a van. His eyes looked glazed and his tongue was not panting.The windows were only open about 3 inches. I was infuriated beyond words. HOW CAN A PERSON DO THAT? I stormed into the store and the greeter smiled and I asked her to call the manager so someone could call police or do something. She said she would but then just stood there. I asked again and told her this was urgent, did she know how HOT it was for an animal in a car with the windows barely open? She didn’t answer me at all. SO I said I would call the police myself if someone didnt go to that van in the next ten minutes.
LONG story short..she contacted the manager, who made an annoucement. I went back outside to the van. MORE than ONE dog inside and all looked distressed. Someone had already called the police, because one rolled up and looked concerned over the whole thing. We stood there and saw that the smaller dog was still barking but the two larger ones were quiet and looked terrible. Just as the cop was about to break the window of the van..a lady came out of the store in a rush. This van was in the handicap parking place. I went inside because it was so hot, but others stood around to see what would happen. Later in the day I was at another store and the same thing happened. Whatever possesses a person to leave animals in a HOT HOT car like that is beyond my comprehension. They just do not know that the very life of the animal is in jeopardy. A dog’s life can be lost in a matter of minutes. Sis reminded me that if that had been a child, there would have been no waiting at all. WE would have taken action right away, no asking management to help. To some of us, our pets are like family. They mean a lot to us, and we would never put their life in danger like that. It just must be that some people just don’t think about what they might lose, until something happens. I sure hope not to see that again, but know that some people just don’t  think before they make decisions that could cost  them dearly.