Monthly Archives: September 2011


Most of you blog readers know that when I use a product and find it works well,
I love to endorse it and tell you all about it so today I tell you that…

YES I am on a leash!! I got this new tech thing called a ZOMM from my Sis. It works great..
it connects your cell phone to your keyring by bluetooth technology. When you get too far from your cell

or vise versa it will go off. Now sometimes it is annoying because it is sensitive and wants not to be separated from its partner, but it can be turned off. If you go on-line you can also program it to your specific needs.  I can push the button on the key ring and talk on my phone hands free. It works really great when you are driving.                       
I can hold the button down and an piercing sound will start and warn others that
I am in danger or there is a problem. If you hold down the button long enough it will
even call help for you. I cannot tell you the relief it is to always KNOW where your
cell phone or keys are all the time! It can be charged by cord like a cell phone and will beep and tell you it needs charging. You can read more about it here .

Now for the reason I needed a leash.. I am always leaving my cell in the car or my keys some place and having to take time finding them. If I have one and get separated from the other I just wait for the alarm to go off. Sure helps tons at night when you can’t see where you dropped your cell in the car. I get teased a lot by others that my purse is beeping, but it is worth it for sure. I am moving soon and so it is hard to keep track of everything, this makes life much more simple. Well that’s my new helper…hope you
are able to check out the technology.

P.S. Sis bought our ZOMM on QVC!



I know September is almost over..about time I updated things around here. Sure is weird for me as I used to blog every single day. Life has gotten so complicated now, that I have had  a lot of trouble just getting on-line to update e-mails.Thank God for the laptop and so many wi-fi places along the way. I don’t feel so weird having lunch at a place and using my laptop, as so many others are on-line too there.  I have traveled recently . It wasn’t a vacation trip, but it was nice to see new places. Glad the roses are still in bloom.

 I looked around for new positions and a new way of life. Having stayed pretty close to home for years , it was so nice to see new things. Took a tour of the big city in a transit bus and learned the way around. I felt like a little kid on the school bus except I could get off when I wanted to.

I got to explore new paths and enjoy nature as the weather was wonderful and warm most days. So glad the violent season seems to be over now around here.

Not too certain what will be up next for me, but know the way will be new no matter what it is .