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Winter arrived overnight here..a slight preview of days to come. Must have seemed like a tourist to the neighbors as I ran out camera ready for the  shot. The sun would beam through and melt it all away fast but before it did..    

 Life sure looks different here than our old backyard. Hope you

all have a decent week ahead..people are decorating their homes for Christmas before the big snow storms hit. The weather has been co-operating here..40’s is better than 20 below!! As you can see the city has placed it’s snow fences up early. Wonder if they know something we don’t know????

Have a great week!!! 




Still trying to fix the publishing problems with Facebook and NetworkBlogs..It is pretty frustrating to figure out sometimes. I appreciate your patience with all these small posts…once I had it posting each blog twice and I would have to delete one…now I have trouble even getting one to publish. Just can’t win! Rainy cold weekend here in the mitten state. Hope it is nice where you are.




Some how, some way when I changed my blog’s background theme I lost the link to facebook publication. I have tried several times to enable it again and it doesn’t seem to work. Will keep working on it and add links by hand at facebook if need be.

I have also done some housekeeping here and deleted some links that are no longer valid. If your link got deleted by mistake please let me know. I have also ADDED some very important links that were missing here. When WordPress took over I lost a lot of the old links I had. So you will now see very special links that I should have added a long time ago. Sorry for my tardiness. There has been a lot going on and no time for maintenance. So I am testing this post to see if it publishes over to  facebook or not. Hopefully it will but if not, I will keep trying.

Have you all seen the sock monkey hats?? What is old is new again.. I never thought they could ever be brought back but here they are.. Guess I don’t get out much but sure gave me a laugh when I saw them. My  grandmother made those monkey for us kids probably 40 years ago. If your hat doesn’t have “flaps” now you are not IN!! Better go get one !!



Hope this holiday comes with many memories for you all.
Family gatherings often bring up memories of the past.
A memorable Thanksgiving  for me was when I lived in
Ca. The family was gathering. It was a first for me, as I had
just moved to Ca. from Michigan. I had never seen some of
the relatives, nor they me. It was like being a stranger, only
not. They were all polite and friendly and caring. It was
truly an eye-opening day. So many people and so many
conversations that you really had no idea what or who
they were talking about. I remember so much food, so many
dishes and such a large bird. It took up the entire built-in
oven and had been cooking practically all night long. 
A whole table full of desserts of all kinds and a room full
of chairs and tables and people who sat any place they could
find a seat. So much noise, everyone talking at once it seemed.
Kids.. kids running all over and playing in the yard. It was nice out,
the sun was shining and the air was actually warm to me. So different
from the cold snowy days in Michigan in November. It was great
to sit back and observe everyone and the real “family” dynamic.
Up until then I had spent all my Thanksgiving dinners around a table
with only my parents and my sister and brother. NO kids, no relatives,
as the closest ones were over 500 miles away. It was almost always cold
and or snowy and quiet, as after lunch we would take a nap. Dad was not
into sports and we didn’t watch much tv. California was totally opposite.
 This gathering was normal for them, but not for me.
It was special for me, like a family reunion.
Learning names and who went with who, I wished I had name tags as
they got all jumbled up in my head. My grandmother, who I had not been
around any in my life, took me aside and reassured me ..”don’t you worry
none, you ‘ll get used to them all.” I have to say I did, but it took a long time.
Grandma is gone now and so are many of the aunts,uncles, and cousins that brought
the whole clan together. Today they go off to separate places and don’t really
gather like they used to in the “old days”.
For some, the “gathering” for dinner at a relatives is normal.
For me it will be a memory that I will never forget. 
This year, without mom around,  it will be another one for me that will
bring back memories of the past. Steamed up windows in the kitchen
from all that baking and cooking. Turkey baking in the oven and homemade
cranberry sauce on the stove. Mom’s candied sweet potatoes and cornbread
stuffing from scratch. YUM!   Miss you Mom!



  This “devil” was in a yard I passed by and talk about HUGE..the manekin next to it was man-size. I would hate to go trick or treating at this house.. talk about scary!! Looked to me like it came from some kind of a carnival or something. Only a circus or something would have something that large!  

 If you passed by this house and saw this in the doorway..would you stop?? Yes, a real person sitting there..scared quite a few kids before they got their treats!! We had at least a dozen stop by which was more than last year. The weather had been great all day long. The kids were allowed to start at 5PM here but most waited until near dark or after. No fun in going in the daylight for sure.

November came in very windy and cool with rain. I was thrilled it wasn’t snowing too. Made cornbread and homemade vegetable soup. Ya’ll drop by  I have plenty left.  😉