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There’s a new year’s eve tradition I have of making platters of snacks for us for the holidays, so I have included my fruit dip here and an alternative for a more low cal version you might like too.


1 jar of marshmallow creme.. (small jar)
1 package of creme cheese (can use low fat kind)
mix those together and use about 1/2 tsp
of nutmeg . (or add it to your taste.)
Use this with all kinds of cut up fruit.
This dip is so rich, but boy does it go fast!!
I bet I get asked “where’s the dip?” too
1  small carton of Yoplait WHIPPED flavored yogurt (6oz)
1 small carton of whipped topping (thawed 4 oz)
This can be doubled  for a larger batch. Tastes Great!!
This year not sure how much cooking I will do but I surely will be snacking some and these two dips really are great. I love making a cheese, meat and cracker platter too. A new chip I found this year is by SUN CHIPS
and it’s a natural grain chip and it’s thin and delicious. They have so many flavors too. I hope you can find these in stores near you.
On New Years Eve this year I will be lighting a candle in remembrance of those bloggers we miss.. including  Bob Bowers, Carol Ward, and for  my mom.. They are truly missed.
With all the many changes they are making over to Facebook I am hoping to see if this posts there. I am still working on my profile page trying to get the settings the way I want them. Hopefully they won’t be changing it again just when we get used to things.



Nice to know some things don’t change that much. WordPress remains the same here for years now. As I look back I see that I have had this blog as a backup for Spaces days for 7 years. Some posts here were original to WordPress too back in those days . It sure boggles the mind at all the writing I have done. The things that we talked about over at MSN are sure different from what we do now days. Maybe some of you remember when we used to have contests and events and even special days at MSN. Everyone joined in all across the MSN community. One of my favorites was about our “Cherished Childhood Toys Event”.  Here is a peek at how it was done..back in 2005.

“I am taking part in a spaces cherished childhood toys event today.
I am fortunate to have a mom who is still able to remember back that far and she told me some stuff that amazed me!
Don’t ask why, but when I was very small I attached myself to a, what I think now is ugly, stuffed monkey. That thing got dragged everywhere.I would not even sleep without it nearby.I am still laughing thinking about this.. So I looked on google and low and behold here it is..are you ready for this….
 ugly right??  (this one is much cleaner than mine ended up)
Well anyway she said that later on at about 8 yrs old, I left that and went into the more finer things in life and was unable to part with my tea set. Yep I am the one who is still in love with dishes and such even to this day..It all started with this setMy mom had a whole set too and my sister and I would play tea party for years and years with this one.According to e-bay its worth only 30$ today but to me its priceless!! Now I don’t know if you can call a tea set a toy, but I think I cherish it more than the stupid monkey..!! I still have the tea set and found the monkey recently when I was getting ready for a garage sale.
Boy that monkey has seen it’s day..but the china set is in perfect condition in its original box!!  So you know which one I cherished the most???   Can you remember what your most favorite toy was???? If you can remember I will just bet you can find a picture of it.” 
(P.S. 2011 we moved from our big old house and I saved the tea set, the monkey has found another home somewhere out there.)

Geeeezzzz WordPress…


Pardon me…but I am still trying to fix my blog here to suit me.  Never satisfied and loving change, I  keep trying to get something that works for me. WordPress is not as easy to deal with as Blogger is..never was, so I keep plugging along..hoping something works with all the links and still connects to Facebook like I want it to.  Sooo not happy with the one I had I am still looking.. Not a  happy camper.

Woke up to rain today and my sinuses not liking it tried to squeeze my head into submission. I, on the other hand was VERY HAPPY because it is NOT SNOW and I am not shoveling or dealing with it. Sipping hot tea and sucking on peppermint candy cane seemed to ease it some.

By the way, while I think of it.. if you haven’t tried those Hershey Peppermint Kisses.. OH they ARE Delicious!!! I wish they would make them a year round thing not just seasonal.  They have one called DARK CHOCOLATE with Mint Truffle. If you love the darker chocolate you will love this KISS!! Get them while you can..they may not last long.

Well not much going on here so will end this still searching the backgrounds so bear with me it might be a bumpy ride.. 🙂

P.S. What a ripoff buying those candies   on- line.. can you imagine the total cost with shipping and handling..sheesh..  😦  



I have made my second batch of the “fast” Rachael Ray fudge only this time I used mostly the white chips and some new mint chips I saw in the store. they are white and red. WOW did this make a nice batch. I used one bag of white chips and one bag of these  and made sure I did not melt them too long. When I poured it into the dish I placed some sprinkled on top. 

IF YOU LIKE MINT.. this is for you!!! Yummy!!! Four ingredient fudge that requires NO real COOKING.  If you can melt in the microwave you can do this!!

1 can sweetened condensed milk,  1 bag of white baking chips, one bag of ANDES PEPPERMINT CRUNCH chips, 1 tsp vanilla.   Melt all in large bowl in microwave about two minutes. Save a handful of mints out for the top of your fudge.  Don’t melt this too long because it will get stiff really fast. I pour this in a glass 13×9 dish that has been lightly buttered on the bottom.  This will set up fast and be rich enough you can cut in small pieces. Makes very nice gift to give all wrapped up in cellophane on a pretty dish!    If you want to make this more minty crush up some candy canes and throw them in the mix. It will really be tasty!

P.S. Yes this fudge will turn a little pink looking..the photo above is not mine.. my battery died! 😦