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THIS ole house is over 125 years old. Our family owned it for over 60 of those years. When Mom died the house was way to much for me to upkeep so it went back to the bank to sell to someone else. WE heard a nice young fella wanted the house and was going to buy it BUT..he found out that there was major things that needed to be fixed. So we thought the guy backed out of the sale.  I was sad in a way that the house would just sit there and be a loss, maybe even be torn down. NOT SO!! This is the ole house as of this week..   The bushes and trees have been taken down and the same fella has been working around the house. He has talked to neighbors about roof repair and perhaps some paint and siding. All things greatly needed.It looks similar to when my folks first bought it, without the bushes and trees.  Perhaps this ole house may get some new life after all.  SO why enter a post about an old house?  In the picture above this paragraph you will see the porch area. As I drove by I almost ran into the curb. I stopped  the car and just stared. There sitting on the porch was a shiny black lawn chair. Not just any lawn chair.. a black shell-back one.

(examples here)  We had one that I painted many times over. Mom and Dad’s first set of chairs for that porch were metal shell-back chairs exactly like that. They still had them when we had our sale. I sold them both. Seeing that very color and kind of chair on the porch made me breathless.  Was it a sign that things will be well with the ole house? I am thinking it was. BEYOND that.. was another chair a plastic white one. Many people have those chairs. WHITE is the color of the chairs we had also and they looked just like the one on the porch. I asked my sister if we left those chairs in the basement and she assured me that we sold them..she was there when I sold them. Sis drove by the house herself and was shocked to see the chairs on the porch. What are the  odds that those two kinds of chairs are on that porch again?? A million to one?? Who know? Now before you ask..NO the fella did not buy the chairs. We KNOW who we sold them to and they still have them. So..we now wonder what other neat things will occur. Will the fella paint or side the house the same color as it was? Will the roof that needs replacing be the same too? Will wonders never cease. I like to think that Mom and Dad are influencing that fella to restore it back to the way it was a long time ago. THAT truly would be amazing!!

THE OLE HOUSE is gonna get a makeover I am thinking and I can’t wait to see the results. Will let you all know how it looks as it progresses.





 MY younger brother DAVID  would have been 56 today.  He has been gone over 20 years now. It seems even longer to me now than that. I often wonder what he would think about things that have happened along the way. .I was living in Ca. at the time and had not been back to Michigan in 7 years. Jobs and money always got in the way of coming back to visit. Life happens you get busy and you lose track of what is important.On that April morning I heard a knock on my door, it was very early in the morning. It was my aunt..she had come to deliver the bad news, that my brother had died in a car accident. It was a shock to my soul. I had known he was kinda unhappy in his life and wanted to change things. He never had the chance to do that. The next day I was in Michigan with the help of some relatives, I managed to catch a plane home. The whole thing was a blur to me. I remember seeing my aunt and uncle talking about something that was in the morning paper that day. It was a normal day for them but not for me. Simple things like packing a bag and calling my boss and arranging a ride to the airport seemed like monumental tasks. Everything was moving in what seemed like slow motion. The plane ride was smooth and uneventful I hardly knew when it was time to get off. My mind raced with thoughts of the past and growing up together. It all seemed like a blur.

It was cold, colder than Ca. for sure. It was April in Michigan..that can be pretty cool to a person who the day before was in 75 degree weather.  Such a shock to my system, to be so upset and see everyone around me the same way. When life gets taken so quickly a person just does go into shock I guess. I wore a heavy coat to the cemetery. The service was packed with people from all over who knew my parents or knew my brother. It was standing room only during the service and the director told my folks he had never seen such a crowd. It was then I knew that my brother had made an impact on people of all ages. He was likeable and left quite an impression on people. I was so sad that I had to catch up on his life like this..why had it taken me so long to get to know him better? He didn’t like to talk on the phone much and so we never chatted about this or that . I remembered the last time I saw him in the airport in Detroit when I had come home for a visit the last time. I had the most awful feeling when I left that day inside me. Something I could not put into words or feelings. I cried on the plane going home, something I had never done before in my life after visiting home. I wonder now if I really deep down knew I would never see him again. I have had some ” vibes”  in my life, but none like I had that day.

                                                                                                              David  at 7 years old

I learned though my brother’s passing, that I  should really keep my family and friends as close as I can. I always try to do that matter how busy I get or what else is going on. I think I have become a better person for that knowledge.

I therefore pass that on to anyone reading this..Time is SHORT…live it to the fullest that you can..and keep your heart and mind open to every experience that you can hold on to. Keep your loved ones close as you can and never take anything or anyone for granted.







JUST some random shots I have taken over the past few warm days… the local park was very busy with young and older alike… notice the GREEN GRASS!!


         Last year the daffodils were not up until MAY!! This year sure is amazing so far..more warm weather here this week. Get out and enjoy the spring.. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!



Well it is hot enough to feel like summer out there. It has been more summer-like than I can ever remember in March. The animals are all making nests and scampering around. I think I am just wondering how long this will last. Well no matter, soon the sound of lawn mowers will be filling the air. The grass is already coming back up. Gas prices continue to be almost $4 or more and so I doubt we will be mowing it as often as we used to though. Many people have been complaining about the prices of gas and groceries and I suspect that there will be more gardeners than ever this summer. I cannot wait to get some tomato plants growing in pots. They aren’t too safe around here in a garden, as the woods have so many critters to eat them before they even get 6 inches high. Having a garden before, as large as the area in the picture below, well, it was a whole lot of hard work. We tried planting more so that there would be enough for us and the critters. Didn’t work. They ate everything despite all the sprays and nets and high fences. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, and skunks are all seen around here too often. I had good luck with container gardening so guess that is what I will do. Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Spring-Summer weather  we are getting. My daily walks are sure wonderful without the heavy coats and boots etc. I saw a glimpse of some kind of animal in the barn where the car is parked today and sure hope it is NOT A SKUNK!!  It moved so fast I could not see a white mark on it. Lord help me, I am so nervous going in there to get the car. Hopefully it is a racoon or squirrel.

Tonight we took a drive to a neighboring town. As we traveled, we noticed the clouds building and beginning to circle us. When we came back home the skies were getting really dark and we heard thunder. I wondered if there had been a watch issued. We were in a hurry to get back home when we ran across this guy and he was NOT going to move no matter what. Drivers on both sides of him had to stop and turn around or just wait him out. Now I think, even out on a country type road, this should not happen. Finally when cars began to mount up on either side he had to stop unloading the corn and pull over.

I guess he was in a hurry to get the corn in the trucks before the rain came, and nothing was going to stop him. There wasn’t a watch for our area but one for east of us near Ann Arbor. Out of this storm system a tornado touched down in a town called Dexter. Much damage has been reported. It looked pretty bad on the news at 10 PM tonight. Here is a LINK to reports about it. Notice the LARGE homes and the damage to them. Some of the homes in that area are old and have been there decades, others not. They are two-story homes and it takes a pretty good tornado to do that kind of damage. I send my prayers to them all.  Hope you all have a






 Thanks also to it’s creator!



Imagine my surprise when I looked and saw that the clocks go ahead one hour THIS SUNDAY.. seems so early this year. Easter comes early too APRIL 8th this year. Maybe Spring will follow and be on its way and winter long behind us. I can only pray warmer weather can be right behind it. 

POSTS here will become scattered soon,  just so you know what is going on here. Will post when I can.




What is that old saying..Yes I agree March came in roaring like a lion the past two days or so. I can hear the wind howling so loudly tonight. We were so lucky here where I am. No threats of loss.  I sit at my computer and think about all the people who have had their lives altered because of the horrible storms and tornadoes that ripped across our southern states and counties. How sad to see the destruction so complete that you hardly know what it is you are looking at. One minute you have your home and your life and the next you have nothing. In case you want to catch up here is a CNN LINK with many videos included. My prayers are sent to those in need tonight. May GOD comfort those who are in harm’s way and tomorrow in the aftermath.