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A blogging friend, JADE,  stopped by yesterday and commented on my last post. She asked if I remembered what those little things were called that were put on top of ice cream. I called them sprinkles, some call them jimmie’s.Ididn’t much care for them growing up.. I liked my ice cream bare! Doing some research I found out that it does depend on what area of the country you live in as to what they are called.In California they call them sprinkles. There are many cupcake companies that use them in the title of their business even. If you’re a resident of Philadelphia, Boston and many parts of New England, you might ask for jimmie’s if you want those tiny cylindrical candies on your ice cream. New Yorkers and a majority of other people call them Sprinkles.So where does the jimmies name come from? Popular legend has it that the Just born candy company in Bethlehem, PA began producing sprinkles in the 1930s and, since a gentleman named Jimmy ran the sprinkles machine, the product was naturally nicknamed after its maker. Some people think that jimmie’s are a specific color like chocolate and sprinkles are multi-colored. Whatever they are in your neck of the woods, they are a nice addition to your ice cream selection. I use them most on cookies and cupcakes and I always called them sprinkles. They do make them look more colorful.

Mom and Dad preferred vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s syrup all over it. If they didn’t have any then  Mom would make homemade chocolate syrup. That tended to be even better than the Hershey’s. I liked Strawberry swirled and still do. I also like Black Cherry with big pieces of Black Cherry inside. I don’t eat much ice cream now days but when I do it’s almost always vanilla or the strawberry swirled inside it. Do I eat it straight from the carton?? Well…. YES.. I admit I have been known to. DON’T YOU??? You can confess to it. I just have a tiny blog.. NO ONE is gonna know. LOL… Whatever way you like it…we all enjoy our ice cream our own special way.. it’s all good!!!


What do you call carbonated soft drink?


Found this to be pretty accurate..I call my drinks POP!!  Sometimes by the name, if the person doesn’t know my flavor.. right now I am off  of POP..mostly just ice tea. Lived in Ca. for 20 years, called it by name mostly out there, but people do call it SODA there. Vacationed in Tennessee for most of my childhood, they did call it POP there, but not very often.