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Well I guess everyone is thinking it’s hotter than heck out there. I send prayers for those firefighters in Colorado and other states fighting to stop fires that just won’t quit.The photos are just heartbreaking. Just about everyone in the USA is affected by the record heat. Many days ahead of scorching temps. Guess we all will be using every means today to stay cool. 

SHARING photos here of colder times when we WISH it was warmer.. maybe this will help cool you off. I shudder thinking of the shoveling involved. So even though it is hot least we aren’t shoveling that, in my opinion, is a really good thing. 





If it weren’t for trouble, then I would have a pretty boring life right now. The poison ivy, or whatever it was is healing now, but realllly slow . I found the calamine lotion really worked the best. Hope to get rid of that plant that was a big bother very soon. Thanks to some research and comments I will try a gallon of VINEGAR on it and see if that will kill it. Round up didn’t seem to phase it much. The temps in the past day have been near 95 so maybe the heat and  the vinegar might do the job.

My wonderful laptop “Miracle” CRASHED last night around 9 PM..There is only one survivor.. ME. I will survive. It’s only a machine..yeah we all know how it feels though. REGRETS we have a few.. Like why the heck we didn’t back up our photos better or why we didn’t make paper copies of things or at least make a folder on our e mail for things so we could get to them? I backed up some but this last year or so not so much. Seems it is always something. What she was will never be again.

Has anyone any experience with “CLOUDS” or folders that are provided within
Google e mail or other e mails? I sure wish I had MORE placed in there than what I do. I use Google documents a lot and I am sure glad. Now I have NO access to  a whole lot right now. Appreciate your patience and comments on what you know..every little bit helps a person out. 

The above photo I saw on Pinterest..I GASPED at the idea of two pies inside two layers of cake iced with cream cheese frosting.. ahhhh can you say..heart attack waiting to happen??  It’s called a “PIECAKEN”…well I know I sure won’t be eating one anytime soon. 



GOT a real problem here.. Not sure the bush I hacked on last week had Poison Ivy in it or not. It seems to be growing with a bunch of different things in it. Never dreamed it would be so close to the back porch railing.   I took a whole lot of 

photos of it.. not sure just what is growing there. 

 I put Round-up on the plant but it doesn’t seem to have 

done a thing to it. If anyone knows for sure. let me know.. I just want the darn thing GONE..or at least away from the railing I use all the time.