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Remembering when I used to be small and lay on my back
in the yard and watch the clouds go by and try to find
what pictures they made in the sky. Those were innocent times
when we didn’t have the worries that kids have today.
We could ride our bikes and be gone half of the day
and still come home for supper without a parent having
to worry about us getting kidnapped or worse. 
I still love to look at the way the clouds form and
the sunsets and sunrises that God paints in the sky.
A wise old woman in her 90′s once told me that
GOD’S paintings were magical and if I saw a picture in
the clouds it was good luck for me. That was years ago, and
I still believe it…somehow..Smile 
I have taken pictures since I could hold a camera steady..
My first real camera was a Kodak 110 instamatic with those cubes for
flashbulbs. Mom owned a Brownie Starflex camera and I hated to
use it as it require a lot of winding and special bulbs for flash.
Remember those?? Thinking
Taking pictures of sunsets and clouds were much more fun with color film.
One of my many jobs at home is to close the  windows on
the porch at night, and sometimes I go out and just watch
the sunset and see what forms in the sky.
The most beautiful clouds I ever saw, I think, were the first time
I saw them from a 707 American Airliner flying to California
I was 15 years old. I was amazed and just awestruck over
how light and fluffy they hung in the sky and how we could
fly through and over them so easily.
The white pillows of clouds were like a giant white down comforter spread out
for miles and miles below us. It is something that you will always
remember when you first experience it. 
There are storm clouds,wall clouds and clouds that roll
and churn in the sky just before a twister comes down.
I have seen all those.. but the clouds that form that are
white and fluffy on a blue sky background, those are the most
enjoyable to me.



The past few weeks have been pretty hard. I have dealt with loss before of all sorts, so I know this too shall pass. Right now, I am at a place where I cannot keep things, so I decided to take the advice of a good friend and take photos of all my little life treasures before I toss them out. I sure am glad I did. Here are some of the treasures I will get to keep forever.. That cat came from  my aunt years ago, and the bracelets I kept.. they are gifts from friends and family.The gold bracelet was for my 16th birthday. YES you DO see a Skunk there on the was my aunt’s and I just laughed and laughed at the significance to me.  These ear rings were made for me by a wonderful lady named DOVIE.. I worked for in CA. She was in her 80’s and it amazed me how good she was at beading.  Depression glass saucers, love these the pattern is so delicate. One of my favorite photos that hung in just about every place I have ever lived is this one, never part with it.   One heartbreaking thing though, this item didn’t make it. One of my mothers only three pieces of  WILLOW that were left from her set. It was so sad to see that broken. There were so many small pieces to be glued back together, Sis and I packed the thing up but not sure if it ever will get fixed. 

These intense hot days have been very hard to work in outdoors, time is limited so I work in the early part of the day while it is cool. Many days the manager of the place has found me sitting eating breakfast sorting through the boxes of my life. One morning he mentioned the sky to lovely GOD was painting today, Here is what he saw  We are reminded that there is something out there larger than we are. 




Good Grief..July is flying by. Summer this year is really been a “stinker” as my auntie used to say. If it isn’t too hot one  place, it is too rainy or dry in another. On a recent trip I was astonished to see how people had mowed their lawns and it looked like they died right after they mowed it. Some residents in the country had plowed up portions of their yards alongside the road so that  there was less fire danger.

The corn..pitiful looking. I think, around here, that crop is a big loss unless you were lucky enough to have a way to irrigate it. The cherry  crop is almost a total loss at only 3% left. Well that’s areal downer so I will move on.Remember my encounter with the Poison ivy? I covered the plant it was in and poured vinegar all over it and it seems to have worked. The horrible heat at almost 100 degrees some days helped it along I guess.

Remember awhile back all I could do was pack up and put things in storage. Well, now I am getting rid of things as fast as I can. Spent many an early morning out there in the cool of the day, boxing up and sorting. 60 Years we lived in our home and so that is a whole lot to go through. Donated a lot of stuff and throw out others things. It is a hard task that only I can do. And so it goes on. I came across a cart that I thought was gone forever.  Sure remember carrying a lot of goods to the flea markets and such with it. My girlfriend and I carried a whole box spring and mattress on it..wasn’t easy but we did it. Sturdy thing..I will have a special place for it. The rocker has been in  our family for years..I tried to sell it, but no takers. Antique, YES and the seat re-done from cane. Maybe that is why people don’t want it I have no idea. Not sure what I will do with it. So many photos and mementos of years gone by.We have no idea what we hang onto. I was looking for. Those rocker shoes that were popular and now they don’t make much anymore.I bought many pair on sale.  If you can find them they are expensive. Problem is, they work for me GREAT and I love them. So happy to find them.  You all come over and I will be glad to GIVE YOU whatever you fancy. 🙂  On a recent outing I saw where the local city government had elected to paint the county courthouse RED. Yep.. it’s a beauty.. reminds me of the buildings down south. All brick and majestic looking. Around back is a new ramp so it will be handicap accessible. I sure wouldn’t mind being in the basement during a tornado warning..I think that building would hold its ground very well. 

I went to Walmart recently and cracked up laughing right out loud. Here in the aisle was this display.. Handsets for your CELL PHONE or IPAD… WHAT??? Why in the world would they be selling these?? The display was FULL.. I guess they are not selling very well.. I mean wouldn’t that take up a lot of space in your pocket or purse?? 😉  

WELL ENOUGH small talk..hope this summer is okay for you. It is not so good for so many I know. Prayers of healing for Toodie and her husband who both have had falls and are recovering.     STAY COOL OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND.. Blessings to you all!!