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Just then.. I heard noises and screeching tires and it was like out of a tv cop show right in front of me. The suspect car sped off with shots fired and cars following him. I could not get to my camera fast enough. It was all happening with lightening speed.  The road ahead of me was long and flat and I could see the cars speeding down it following the suspect. NO police left at my  intersection..I sat there stunned until the lead car in the line decided to leave. The road they went down is the one I usually take out-of-town. A two-lane 55MPH speed limit road, with many curves and hills in it. I could just imagine the trip the suspect was taking. When it came my turn at the intersection, I had to decide to go that way, or go to the interstate.

WHICH WAY TO GO??? Knowing me, I love the excitement and want to know what’s going on. There was someplace I HAD to be though and  I could not just be delayed with all this. In a split second I decided to keep going and see what there was ahead of me on that road. Now everyone who knows me, knows that around Labor Day I get VIBES.. and not so great things have happened in the past. I was thinking the whole thing over in my mind a little as I drove down that road. I couldn’t see or hear any sirens so I knew they had either stopped or were long gone ahead of me. The suspect car was not a junker so he had speed on his side. Many side roads cut off that two lane and some are pretty scary. There are a lot of semi’s and large grain trucks that use them to go to the interstate. The fields are changing color now, corn is turning brown and roadsides are full of early yellow goldenrod all over. That ride out-of-town is usually calm and peaceful. As I rounded the turn in the old road, I saw the suspects car aside the road in a ditch turned on it’s side. At least 4 police cars were all around it.  I stopped my car and started for my camera. The wheels were still turning on the car. I couldn’t see the suspect as the car was facing the other way.  An officer came up to my car and told me to turn around and go back to the nearest side road. Do you think I did? OH YEAH.. I passed the ambulance coming from town as I returned to the side road. My mind raced wondering what went on there on the side of that road. I knew I would hear about it later. That was two days ago..I haven’t heard one word about it. Most of the arrests, in our little town you hear about right away. The ambulance or tow truck drivers will let people know what went on. NOTHING.. so I wait to hear and will let you know as soon as I hear.There was no report of a fatality in the news, at least not yet. Will be watching the arrest reports to see.  It was pretty exciting for this small town that I come from.  Just like cops and robbers when we were children. I was ALWAYS the cop!!


Well, I hope we don’t have any more excitement for this weekend and things are nice and calm.

Sending prayers to all those in the gulf states affected by the hurricane. Stay safe.




We all have them from time to time. Smoking , drinking,
sweets, drugs, eating.. you name it we have them. What makes it hard is how to kick the habit or the pull they have on us. Walking into a bakery or even by one will set me off big time.

The smell of Fresh Bread is one of my biggest craves.. I can hardly resist a piece of hot steamy, soft, fresh baked bread. Loaves or rolls.. they both will make me crave them.I love to bake but haven’t done that in awhile. If you can’t eat it .. don’t bake it is my motto now. I do bake and take a bite and give the rest away especially at Christmas time.Every once in a while I will get the craving for a certain candy or fruit I haven’t had in a long time. I usually just get it and then the craving goes away. Not so easy with some things though.
Back in the 60′s and 70′s I could not function without my daily caffeine rush. I craved Pepsi and still prefer it to this day. I don’t drink it unless it is diet and caffeine free though.I tried to cut back as soda is just not good for you. ( yeah I still drink it now and then.) It wasn’t easy and I did it gradually, but I got used to NOT having the headaches and shakes from the caffeine and I liked 
it. Doctor’s then told me that a little caffeine was good for my asthma. GOOD?I couldn’t believe it. Oh yes.. people could drink a cup of coffee and it help their breathing. Well, so glad I didn’t like the taste of coffee.( Yes, I bloggedbefore about how I love the smell of the coffee..but don’t like the taste.) It is true that what we can’t or are not suppose to have will make us crave it more. What got me to thinking about this topic was I had a craving for salty foods. I was craving potato chips. Something I hadn’t had in a long time.  I bought the smallest snack bag I could find and ate the whole thing. The craving ended right there, so I know now that if I deprive myself of something it will just make me crazy until I break it and get it out of my system.

DO YOU HAVE PARTICULAR CRAVINGS?  How do or did you get rid of it? Hope you have more luck than me getting away from them. 



“What was the most memorable or BEST vacation

I ever had?  
Now a vacation should be AWAY from your home.. and at least
more than a couple of days. It doesn’t have to be with family, but can
be. I thought of these…..
WITH FAMILY … it would have to be the first time we flew to Ca. to visit
relatives. THAT was memorable.. our first plane ride on AMERICAN
AIRLINES 707 at the time. This was when attendants were called
stewardesses and they dressed the part. We were served REAL MEALS
on the plane. I will never forget how it felt to look out the window and
be eye level with CLOUDS.
WITH FRIENDS…. OH BOY that is a rough one.. I think the most
memorable one would be the first trip I took with SUE and we toured
Michigan,  stayed over night in motels and had a blast. We 
crossed the border into Canada. It was the ONLY time I ever stayed in
that country. I never laughed so much, ate so much. saw so much and
had such a wonderful time. Oh for the good ole days of adventure!!
BY MYSELF… I traveled to Montana by plane from Ca. to meet up
with four best friends.  Sue lived there.
It was a monumental historic visit, as some of us
had not been in the same room together in several years.
It was a trip of a lifetime. I will go into that as soon as I can track down some
photos that seem to be misplaced right now. 
Then I got to thinking.. where would you go if you had the chance to go
and money was no object and time was not a problem? I answered that
in about 2 seconds.. HAWAII!!  HANDS DOWN!! I loved the scenery and the
water. Something about it makes you want to see it and when you do never leave.
Well those are my memories how about yours??
Sun AUGUST is here and summer will be on it’s way out before we know it.