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Traveled some yesterday to see friends and landed in a beautiful place with birds and critters. Saw some nice scenery along the way. Surprised that very few leaves have turned. Most are brown and just falling off this year.  Saw this place where each calf has it own little house. They looked like little igloos. Roadside markets are selling pumpkins and some gourds and apples, they are small this year due to the drought.  Last night at the bird feeder there were two toms and two hens feeding like crazy on ground. Stole these pics while they ate. Wonder if they know they might become someone’s dinner someday? Not here, but in season, because they roam free, it’s any one’s guess.  The eldest male had some reddish-brown just appearing in his feathers. I asked and these are probably a year old. I say probably because we just have no idea. Rumor has it deer will show up today or tonight..the woods nearby are filled with them. Stay tuned.. I will be ready, camera in hand!!



This is a repost from my blog from 2008 it tells the way I remembered some of that day and one of the victims and her long and painful recovery.



In the first hours, before going into a coma, and struggling with the unbearable pain, Lauren questioned whether she wanted to live. It was love for her 10-month-old son Tyler, and her husband, Greg, that ultimately inspired Lauren to continue the fight for her life.

"I chose to make it," she told the Chicago Tribune nearly a year after she was injured. "I’m not going to conduct my life in the confines of what these people did to me and my colleagues."

During her recovery, Greg held vigil by her bedside, reading her poetry, as she lingered in a medically induced coma.He also began writing daily e-mails to an ever-widening group of family and friends detailing his wife’s recovery. His communications are chronicled in a book titled.

"The most memorable moment for me, quite literally, came the morning of September 11 when I found…

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For some people it is a LABOR DAY..they work. They don’t see any difference in it being a “holiday”. Kids know school starts the next day around here. They are trying to get every single minute out of their last few free days off from the summer. It’s nice to honor those who are the backbone of our country.  Traditionally this weekend was always the one where MDA had their Jerry Lewis telethon. They still have a telethon but with not nearly the hoopla it once had because they fired Jerry Lewis from being its spokesman. Never was known WHY for sure but here it is “the” weekend for it and I haven’t heard a word about it. Sad. No picnics here or even a BBQ..going light this year and eating healthy for a change. [Yeah it might change before the end of the weekend..I will be sure to let you know. ;-)]

Here in town, gas went up to $4.09, very disgusted citizens are happy to drive elsewhere to buy it at least 5 cents cheaper. A gallon of milk of any kind was sitting just about $3.00 a gallon too. No sales in this area. Biggest happenings are the old old mayor is running for city council. He tried to run for mayor again and was voted out by a landslide so now he is trying again to run as a member. I have a feeling he won’t win that seat either. I have my vibes about Labor Day weekend and have for years..nothing that good ever happens to me around this time of year. So far, I am waiting to see. I did get stuck..I posted about it  HERE  ,it was quite weird to say the least. 

If you follow my posts on FB you will see a lot of references to a show on A&E Tv called DUCK DYNASTY.. I thought what a stupid show.. and passed it by. Then I watched just 3o minutes of it, out of lack of anything else to watch. I have never laughed so much. Whether parts are scripted or not..(they say they are not), I don’t care. It makes me laugh. In doing research I found out that the patriarch  of the family is a very well educated man with a masters degree and who was a teacher for a time. He raised college educated sons and they really do “know” what they are talking about. How else could a family become millionaires making DUCK calls??? So why act so crazy?? It’s funny and some say it’s a southern REDNECK way of life. However you see is funny to watch and I love laughing at it. 

Well whatever makes you laugh and makes you happy.. I hope you are doing it this weekend. The weather here is holding pretty well and we just may have a nice one after all.