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I went to the store yesterday to get supplies for my Superbowl feast on Sunday. Usually I get the same old things every year. I make it light with chips and One dip and fruit and One dip. Pizza or some kind of sandwiches. There won’t be a crowd so I don’t have to worry about running out.  A sign caught my eye as I went down the snacks aisle,  stating the top ten snacks on Superbowl Sunday. Gave me pause to think of changing my usual plan.

HERE IS THE LIST :    BEER, CHIPS, GUACAMOLE,BUFFALO WINGS, PIZZA, COOKIES, FRIED CHICKEN,POTATO SKINS, SUB SANDWICHES,SODAS…  I think NACHOS should be on the list too..anyway..that all sounded good to me but it had been a long time since I had a real SUB SANDWICH with everything on it. I sure didn’t want to spend too much time in the store as the rain outside was getting harder. (I HATE shopping in the rain. ) I bought some fixin’s and headed home.

8 (1) 

WONDERING now what else I forgot, but I think I have enough to satisfy me at least for dinner anyway. I find it hard to watch a game without munching. This is why I always have the fruit and dip. Lot better for me than salty snack and even popcorn.

What  are your favorites  for the event? DO YOU always have the same things or find different recipes to try out? Is it a tradition to serve the same things? I’d love to hear your ideas.


WELL here is my pick for the winner. I am well aware that on both teams there are BROTHERS who are the coaches so I guess it really will be a victory for their family either way. Having lived in California for over 20 years of my life.. I choose the   san-francisco-49ers-authentic-pro-line-full-si

SAN FRANCISCO 49ER’S to win.. not sure by how much..don’t really care just as long as they win!!!

Hope it is a great game.. and hope the half time show is good too!! 






Yes indeed it was an icy Monday. Schools were closed here. Rural roads were so icy you could hardly maneuver on them. I tried to walk to the mail box down our driveway and practically slid all the way there and back.      DSCN8385           DSCN8383

The only thing clear was the street that had been plowed and salted. I managed to get to the street and decided to walk some and see how things were. YEP, most sidewalks were full of ice and snow. I sure wasn’t going to risk falling on them. Not much moving about either. A nice haze of FOG was wafting across the field and into the street. Much of the snow is now completely gone. GONE? What? Yes…gone. The freezing temps left and it was near 55 degrees today. My poor sinuses. My head cannot keep up with these swings from hot to cold. It is raining and thundering,and by Friday it will be freezing again with snow. Wow..what a crazy winter. It wouldn’t be so bad except for those who try to drive in this crazy stuff and make it dangerous for us all. 

Five days until the Superbowl. They are already showing some of the commercials that will play during the hours it is aired. I do like that the big corporations are giving everyday citizens a chance to make it big by making their own commercials. So many are made only a few win, but the ones that do really deserve the win. This one I loved from last year, it’s only 30 seconds but it will make you laugh. Glad the guy won!



I’m back to blogging again and hope it will be more than ONCE a month. I slacked off a lot because of Facebook. I know it is just so easy there and you can get instant replies. Makes it hard to come back to what you did a long time ago. I stated on my other blog that it seems like IONS ago that our little community of bloggers visited each other and we kept in touch at each others blogs. Times  sure have changed.  Recently I have seen some stuff at Facebook that shocked me. WHY I have no idea because I shouldn’t be shocked at ANYTHING any more. This report was being investigated in schools here in Michigan on CANDY made with Marijuana. It seems to give a real buzz to CHILDREN and they are trying to find out WHO IS SELLING IT to MINORS. potcandy_u0wGu Good grief.. what the heck???? I hope they find out and really NAIL the culprits. I do know they make dope look like candy too so why not suckers and hard candy. It’s just hard to wrap my brain around this one. 


Watching a show this past week on NBC called ROCK CENTER caught my eye when they reported about a new device that could be attached to the new smart phones and report your health issues right to the doctor’s office, e mail or his own phone. Talk about reaches out and helps people stay alive. but then again…many jobs will suffer if and when it is applied in our lives. Imagine not having to leave your home for testing like EKG’s or  Ultrasounds. I was fascinated and a little frightened at how far the whole thing reaches. It is a report worth watching. 

DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS???        clayl 

CAN YOU BELIEVE  TEN YEARS HAS PASSED SO QUICKLY. (I cannot..and still think he should have won that year). This is the twelfth season of this show and I know I watched at least 9 years of it. So many talented people came from American Idol. Some big stars today still represent this show in one way or another and some have just faded away. When they started changing the show around and got all kinds of new judges, well I kinda just stopped watching it. I really don’t care for one of the judges now at all. Not naming names, I think you know who I am speaking of. Hope they are not on the show the whole season. Hate watching judges argue and fight all the time.  It sure takes away from the talented ones who are trying their best to advance themselves on in the competition. 

ARE YOU GOING TO BE WATCHING THE SUPERBOWL?? ANY TEAM FAVORITE?  Stay tuned here I will be posting my favorite and my Superbowl plans.    



Well I mean it.. There is hope and help. It seems that even if you got a shot or get one you STILL can get it. You might get a lighter version of the flu, but you still get it. Yesterday the news was full of advice and reports on how bad some places have it and others don’t. Seems the flu is picky this year.. It hates humidity and the sunlight. WELL guess those in FLORIDA are lucky maybe..if it is there it might not be as bad. Only time will tell. tsc-swine-flu-mdn The experts tell us  to wear a mask, if you can find one. I had a hard time getting to a store that had them in stock. The demand is on the rise. I finally found a box with 10 in it, could not wait to put one on. I wore gloves in the store when I touched things. Hard to do..they were hot and cumbersome. I heard that even if you wore such protection that it would not help because the germs get everywhere and you are covered the minute someone coughs near you. YES remember that they linger on for hours too. Well then why wear a mask, gloves etc, nothing will really keep you away from germs other than complete isolation. WHO CAN DO THAT??  I used the hand sanitizer, but only one of the SEVEN stores I was in had wipes for your cart. I had a small atomizer they gave me a few years back full of alcohol and sprayed my cart with it. It worked wonderful. Nice to be able to refill it and use it again and again. This is a product worth buying.alcohol-free-Antibacterial-hand-spray-10ml


One thing I learned wearing the mask is people look at you funny..but they also give you PLENTY of space. You may not be sick yet, you may just want to keep from breathing  in the germs, but people WILL give you a large area to get around in. In a weird way that seemed to work. I got hot wearing the mask, in the frozen food section of the store my glasses fogged up. Wearing a winter coat and hat and a mask, well I must have looked like a robber to the clerks and the patrons. So I take precautions, maybe I go overboard, but it is all worth it not to get sick. Having asthma all my life, and many bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis along the way, I do know what it does to me personally to get sick. In September of last year I got sick and it lasted three weeks. It wasn’t flu but high fever and infection took me out and reminded me once again how sick a person can get really quick. 

WELL I got supplies in all the stores I visited. I think I can get by without having to go to a lot of stores in the  next few months. Just one problem, I have to wait at least 5 days now to see if I have gotten near any bad germs. It won’t end at Spring this year..the news last night said there still could be cases of flu way into May and June. It’s going to be a long flu season..keep well out there in blogland.. First day of summer is coming June 21st, just five  months away. first-day-of-summer