I’m back to blogging again and hope it will be more than ONCE a month. I slacked off a lot because of Facebook. I know it is just so easy there and you can get instant replies. Makes it hard to come back to what you did a long time ago. I stated on my other blog that it seems like IONS ago that our little community of bloggers visited each other and we kept in touch at each others blogs. Times  sure have changed.  Recently I have seen some stuff at Facebook that shocked me. WHY I have no idea because I shouldn’t be shocked at ANYTHING any more. This report was being investigated in schools here in Michigan on CANDY made with Marijuana. It seems to give a real buzz to CHILDREN and they are trying to find out WHO IS SELLING IT to MINORS. potcandy_u0wGu Good grief.. what the heck???? I hope they find out and really NAIL the culprits. I do know they make dope look like candy too so why not suckers and hard candy. It’s just hard to wrap my brain around this one. 


Watching a show this past week on NBC called ROCK CENTER caught my eye when they reported about a new device that could be attached to the new smart phones and report your health issues right to the doctor’s office, e mail or his own phone. Talk about technology..it reaches out and helps people stay alive. but then again…many jobs will suffer if and when it is applied in our lives. Imagine not having to leave your home for testing like EKG’s or  Ultrasounds. I was fascinated and a little frightened at how far the whole thing reaches. It is a report worth watching. 

DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS???        clayl 

CAN YOU BELIEVE  TEN YEARS HAS PASSED SO QUICKLY. (I cannot..and still think he should have won that year). This is the twelfth season of this show and I know I watched at least 9 years of it. So many talented people came from American Idol. Some big stars today still represent this show in one way or another and some have just faded away. When they started changing the show around and got all kinds of new judges, well I kinda just stopped watching it. I really don’t care for one of the judges now at all. Not naming names, I think you know who I am speaking of. Hope they are not on the show the whole season. Hate watching judges argue and fight all the time.  It sure takes away from the talented ones who are trying their best to advance themselves on in the competition. 

ARE YOU GOING TO BE WATCHING THE SUPERBOWL?? ANY TEAM FAVORITE?  Stay tuned here I will be posting my favorite and my Superbowl plans.    


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    • Sis that is CLAY AIKEN who was runner up on IDOL back in 2003..still a much better singer than the other guy who won. You never hear much about Ruben Studdard much at all.

  1. I’m glad to see you back! I actually prefer blogging to Face Book which often I find pretty shallow. What kind of person would sell pot to kids like that? I guess with some state legalizing it we’ll see more things like this. Technology is amazing isn’t it? I wish that it was all used to benefit but it seems it is often used to causes harm…like everything else morals are required huh? Well, welcome back!

  2. Welcome back Sis. I haven’t had time to blog much but that should change here shortly.

    I like FB so I can see my sons there (and we phone and email, so not really necessary) but I only use FB for pictures and occasional other things. Nothing personal the way I used to do in blogs. I will always miss our community we had.

  3. I too used to blog but not so much anymore. The last blog I posted got maybe one looker, so what’s the point? I used to blog almost daily on Windows Live, but when FB came around, I pretty much quit blogging because no one came and read them anymore. I’m glad to see you are still at it. I barely sift through FB as it is—too busy working and would rather spend the time writing to get my new book finished. Hope the 49er’s win!

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