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Around Michigan people are scratching their heads and thinking.. ‘WHAT SPRING?” Many others across the U.S. A. are doing the same. Snow even in Hawaii in the mountains. More than one blizzard has struck many areas. Last night we got blasted again, but much of the snow came in as freezing rain and so we are counted as lucky I guess. Heavy snow stuck to everything including my shovel. It felt like a ton compared to the light lake effect snows we have been having lately. I shoveled some and decided to wait until I could do it in sections later when the daylight hit. Here’s a view from our second floor it’s not a black and white photo, that is just the way it looks out there. Nice and white! Wherever you call home, hope it is warm and safe from all this winter-like “Spring” weather. I have submitted this for FRIDAY FENCES. this week. 





I was looking at others photos of things at Bluff Area Daily and thought maybe I have photos too.. YES I did! So I joined the Friday Fences this week to display a photo I took last year at the State Park  near Ludington Michigan.DSCN5518 I am not certain but that might be a snow fence they put up to prevent the snow and sand from blowing onto the roads in the fall. The lake is Lake Michigan. That’s kinda of a bare photo so I also am posting this one with more to see DSCN7104 This was  taken in the spring of last year. We had Poppies and BEFORE Memorial day. Am hoping that happens this year too.  Our winter has been not so bad here in my neck of the woods so it is entirely possible. Come on Spring I hope you get here fast. 

The weather has been so bad in so many parts of the U.S. this week..sooo I am snoopy



Bluff Area Daily has a Watery Wednesdays for bloggers who want to participate. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you I have TONS of photos of any kind of WATER. It’s hard for me to NOT take a photo of some kind of lake,stream,dam, pond, or something water related. So I decided to join in this week.. Here is my entry.. lighthouseTaken last year, in the evening during a November storm over Lake Michigan, as the waves crashed against the pier. Talk about cold.. no one ventured onto that pier…just too dangerous.. The bigger the waves the better I like them.   HERE IS THE LINK FOR WATERY WEDNESDAY.. Enjoy!!!





This is a barn in Northern Michigan. Not sure what the barn holds but I was interested in it because of the roof and cupolas. It was very large and very well managed. The farm itself was just as spacious. I would think this family was in the farming business for a long time. 

If you like looking at is a spot you can check out a lot of them. Click the link and enjoy!!




Awhile back I posted a photo of a woolly worm. DSCN7859 Now if this isn’t exactly what has happened to our winter I don’t know what is. Totally accurate for our area.

According to ASK.COM 

“According to folk wisdom, when the brown bands on fall woolly bears are narrow, it means a harsh winter is coming. The wider the brown band, the milder the winter will be. Some towns hold annual woolly worm festivals in the fall, complete with caterpillar races and an official declaration of the woolly worm’s prediction for that winter.

Are the woolly worm’s bands really an accurate way to predict the winter weather? Dr. C.H. Curran, former curator of insects at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, tested the woolly worms’ accuracy in the 1950’s. His surveys found an 80% accuracy rate for the woolly worms’ weather predictions.”

CRAZY weather these days due to global warming, maybe it’s time to do another study on them. I imagine if you found one nearer the eastern seaboard states this year well it must have been all black.

Hope  Spring comes soon..I am tired of white and cold..want some warmth right now. Wherever you are hope you have a great weekend.






I added my winter barn photo to the BARN CHARM Tuesday at the Bluff Area Daily page.


This blog is a great place to see photos and share yours with others. I really like it. I love old barns mostly. Ones that show their age and characters. When I am out I am always looking for them. Another reason to keep my camera with me all the time. This barn is close by my house. It’s covered in the recent snow we had. I had to hurry as the sun was melting it pretty fast. Two days later…no snow.. this winter sure has been strange.