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This fence surrounded the entire property. No telling how long it took them to gather and place those stones.  It seemed to be at least 2 feet high. I loved the old wagons they placed along the front of the driveway very rustic. I took this driving by and failed to get the actual driveway. 



This wooden fence surrounded some farm land, I couldn’t get it all. It seemed to go on around it a long way. I loved the old unpainted look of it. 





MY younger brother DAVID  has been gone  22 years now. It seems even longer to me  than that. It seems like only yesterday that  I was living in Ca. and had not been back to Michigan in 7 years.  Jobs and money always got in the way of coming back to visit. Life happens you get busy and you lose track of what is important. On that April morning I heard a knock on my door, it was very early in the morning.  I thought that it was odd so early in the day to be awakened. It was my aunt..she had come to deliver the bad news, that my brother had died in a car accident. It was a shock to my soul. I could hardly stand up. I sat on the couch and my body shook all over. I had known he was kinda unhappy in his life and wanted to change things. He never had the chance to do that. The next day I was in Michigan with the help of some relatives, I managed to catch a plane home. The whole thing was a blur to me. I remember seeing my aunt and uncle talking about something that was in the morning paper that day. It was a normal day for them but not for me. Simple things like packing a bag and calling my boss and arranging a ride to the airport seemed like monumental tasks. Everything was moving in what seemed like slow motion. The plane ride was smooth and uneventful I hardly knew when it was time to get off. My mind raced with thoughts of the past and growing up together.  Time had flown by. I was jarred back from my memories when the wheels hit the landing strip.
 It was cold, colder than Ca. for sure. It was April in Michigan..that can be pretty cool to a person who the day before was in 75 degree weather.  Such a shock to my system, to be so upset and see everyone around me the same way. When life gets taken so quickly a person just does go into shock I guess. I wore a heavy coat to the cemetery. The service was packed with people from all over who knew my parents or knew my brother. It was standing room only during the service and the director told my folks he had never seen such a crowd. It was then I knew that my brother had made an impact on people of all ages. He was likeable and left quite an impression on people. I was so sad that I had to catch up on his life like this..why had it taken me so long to get to know him better? He didn’t like to talk on the phone much and so we never chatted about this or that . I remembered the last time I saw him in the airport in Detroit when I had come home for a visit. I had the most awful feeling when I left that day inside me. Something I could not put into words or feelings. I cried on the plane going home, something I had never done before in my life after visiting home. I wonder now if I really deep down knew I would never see him again. I have had some ” vibes”  in my life, but none like I had that day.        David at 7 years old.I learned through my brother’s passing, that I  should really keep my family and friends as close as I can. I always try to do that matter how busy I get or what else is going on. I think I have become a better person for that knowledge.

I therefore pass that on to anyone reading this..Time is SHORT…live it to the fullest that you can..and keep your heart and mind open to every experience that you can hold on to. Keep your loved ones close as you can and never take anything or anyone for granted.

You are missed dear brother…




This is a fence in our local area that leads to a large private park..they used all sorts of woods to make it. The sides are totally solid and you can only see through the wagon wheel. Below is the entrance and I thought the little house on top was so neat. Nice park but sure can tell they want it PRIVATE which is why they built that neat fence. 



This is the Kalamazoo river in rural Calhoun County Mi. Usually that is just a little sliver you see but my how the rivers are overflowing here right now. The neat old  barbwire fence stands to keep you out, but if things keep going around here the river will come to the fence. 

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Talk about fences…there were so many I could not count them all. I counted wooden,wire and metal all in the same field. 


Amazing but yes we still had snow just two weeks ago..could get more you just never know how Spring will go in Michigan. Loved the woodpile and the woods beyond it and two more fences.

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On an outing recently I passed an old brick home on a sort of hill. It was away from any other home..just sitting there. As I got closer it looked like it sat empty. I debated on stopping in the driveway to take a photo of it. Since the road was not highly traveled I just stopped and took some shots of it. DSCN8697

Brick homes that large out in the country are not seen very often.  It looked like someone had tried to update it a little. The back of the house had a built on deck. The closer I got the more beautiful the color of the brick.  

DSCN8698    DSCN8680 If only I knew the old history of this home. There was no for sale sign so could not check on it. Sad to see such large homes in our area sit empty. They are regal and stand the test of time by the hands of those who built them. Old homes just speak to me I guess.. 

Spotted this beautiful looking barbeque pit standing in an empty lot. Strange what items get left behind. It started to get darker and I headed for home. 






This doesn’t look like a fence but it is.. It ran all the way around the house. I was amazed at what time it must have taken to make it. At first I thought it was just a patio type thing. This was taken out the car window as I drove by. On the return trip I could see that it went around the whole house. Just in front of the barn area is another fence that is placed to block off any entrance back to the barn. Pretty elaborate I must say. Made me wonder just what was inside the barn. 

This  fence is well-worn and looked like it had never had paint. I was intrigued by the latch on it. Loved the shapes too.  For more Friday’s  Fences check HERE..