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LABOR DAY here finds SIS working ,my niece, my friends all
working too.  Economy being what it is, some work two jobs and have little
time off, so many today are working in one kind of job or
another. A day of remembrance for the workers of this country.. only some
don’t get the day off at all. McDonald’s workers are striking across the nation for
better wages this weekend. Good luck to them. 
Labor Day is well over 100 years old. This “day off for working citizens” was born in 1882
and adopted by the Central Labor Union of New York City. Two years later, it became a federal holiday.
In the very beginning, it was a day to recognize the strength of labor organizations.
Unions. But in the early 1900s, it evolved to focus more on the economic and civil significance.
 Hope on this Labor Day you don’t have to labor much at all.  
I purchased some corn on the cob, made potato salad, and have some watermelon for dessert.
Yesterday the gas station seemed to be the place to be as the price of a gallon here way lower than last year
this time at $3.74 but wait a minute and it will rise probably into the 90’s before the weekend is over.
Hot and humid here, a very typical August weekend, but Monday is supposed to be cooler and that will be 
welcomed by me. Not a fan of the humidity at all. 
A very dear neighbor of ours passed away the other day. She was 89. A strong woman who had many talents and 
I and my sister learned a lot from her.  She was in our old neighborhood when my folks moved into our old place back in the 50’s. They were  close friends. They all are having a real great reunion in heaven now. She will be missed by so many people. 
Labor day weekend has always been a hard time for me, so many terrible things have happened over that weekend.
Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? That plus others, too numerous to count.  I hope this year we can avoid any
actions in Syria and pray for our nation’s leaders to keep us out of another conflict.



DSCN9028This fence is so cute..I haven’t seen one in  a long time that had FLOWER boxes on it. Painted holders for the boxes and then very fancy slats. It really was an eye catcher. 


The fence needs repairs and new paint but the tiger lilies give it color. They were plentiful this year and very tall. 






This fence is new..the old one was worn and rusty..I used to wonder why a cemetery had to have a fence around it, now I know. Sad to say..people are horrible and do vandalize these places. It won’t keep them completely out, but does help deter them away. I love the points on the top, it won’t make it easy to crawl over it.