Monthly Archives: September 2013



Where the heck did the summer go to? I mean it went to darn fast for me. We have such long winters here in Michigan that I would like to see warmer weather. NOT the humidity, mind you,  just warmth. I heard recently that we might get a bad winter season here with lots of snow. I hope that’s WRONG. Cold okay, not so much back twinged just a little thinking about that dreaded shovel. What happened to the Labor Day telethon? I didn’t see it at all this year. It wasn’t even advertised like it used to be. That is just tragic for those who depended on monies from the weekend. I guess taking Jerry Lewis’s name off it hurt them a lot. I know he is getting up there in age now, I will always wonder if that was the reason. 


Over the weekend I went to a funeral of a dear neighbor. We will miss her a lot and all of us from the neighborhood talked about  changes over the years and relived memories from our past there. Progress moves on, small towns dwindle down and become even smaller. The young folks move away seeking jobs and better schools. So many towns in this country like that I guess. 


The fall season is creeping closer and the days shorter. I already miss the daylight at 9PM. This year I filed for retirement benefits. I never thought I would be that old person doing that. Age is just a number, it’s all how you feel. I don’t feel old really. The lady on the phone told me that more people should file for it as soon as they turn 62. I asked WHY and she really didn’t give me a specific answer. She really emphasized it though. I wondered what she knew and I didn’t. “It’s your money she said…YOU earned it and YOU should HAVE it.” I always thought it best to wait, but her statement was so certain that I guessed I had made the right decision. It will help me a lot, so that’s all that counts. AND SO IT GOES ON and On and On.