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The photo in the background is from 2009. We got our first snow near the END of November back then. It was wonderful to have a nice fall for a change. NOW..seems winter is creeping in earlier and earlier, and we deal with the cold for a lot longer. Global warming.. is that it?? The world keeps spinning. I never thought I would ever hear of a year without a major hurricane in the U. S. but so far..none.. people in the south are probably really grateful for that. Makes me wonder what is next really does. 


I was not shocked to come back here and see I hadn’t posted in a long time. I just have no blogging spirit anymore. Seems everyone has really slacked off visiting and posting except a few. Do you e mail much anymore? I noticed that I had not even written an e mail to anyone in some time . Has the short hand version of Facebooking taken over e mails like internet took over snail mail? Things are just progressing I guess.Like it or not. Scary to me to think of what in the world would happen if the internet was GONE FOR GOOD..Surely some would just collapse in a heap of despair. We would HAVE to go back to the way it was LONG LONG ago..not knowing where anyone was and what anyone was doing every second of the day. I like keeping up with people, getting new ideas and finding out what’s going on in the world. Yes, I am one who would be missing the connection big time. Well hope things are well in your world and you have a wonderful fall weekend.. See you when I see you…


fall leaves





 Hope your connections are good and your weekend is a good one..