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SO what new toy did you get for Christmas?? I got a new 8 inch tablet and must say I use my laptop a lot less than I used to. If you had told me this a month ago I would have told you that you were crazy. NOT use my laptop..not possible!! No way! When I finally turned it back on nine whole days had passed.. N I N E !! I can do everything on my tablet that I can do on my laptop ALMOST.. and a lot faster.. some things are best left to using a more secure computer though including blogging.  Guess I have been behind the times a whole lot, if I had known what I know NOW..I would have done it a lot sooner.

ANYWAY here is hoping you all have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!! 







Well here it is December!!  I managed to get through a bad bout with a  Bronchitis type virus that lasted from November well into December. Talk about hanging on. Pretty weak and confined to home, I am on the mend finally.Praying it doesn’t come back again. Snow has come and hard to think about venturing out in the frigid air. 

 Missed our Thanksgiving dinner this year. I had most of the ingredients just none of the appetite for it. Saving it for Christmas this year I guess. Hard to get into the swing of getting ready for the holiday.. I have little energy and no appetite for the cookies and goodies.  Guess I better get a move on as time waits for no one. I bought Sis a cover for her windshield. It is a dandy…works like a charm.I highly recommend it.  No more scraping the frost or ice off it at nearly midnight when she gets off work. Santa had a great idea there for sure.                                                      cocoa1

Cold snap is across the nation and seems everyone is involved in one way or another. Anything we can do to help ourselves is a good thing. I got extra batteries when I finally got out of the house so just in case we lose power we are all set. Speaking of losing power..  our Microwave lost its will to live. Poor thing had been working daily almost 10 years!!  Back in those days you bought one to last! Now days they have a life of about a year,  if we are lucky. We got a new one and it seems to be doing the job. I had to revert back to the OLDEN DAYS of heating things on the STOVE.. boiling potatoes and making cocoa on the stove like MOM did it back in the 50’s. I was still amazed at the TIME it takes and how a machine like a microwave helps move us along a lot quicker. God bless that inventor for sure!!

Well not much more from around here. Hope you and yours have a truly blessed Christmas.