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New growth coming from sides of an old stump. Some trees just don’t want to give up. Below is our river, nice and calm and the trees in bloom. Well I can dream of better more warm days. It can not come fast enough for me. These were taken spring of 2013.





WHAT!!, did you miss something.. no..not really…YES, I know I am quite early..but I can’t take the horrid cold and white color everywhere. I want some color, some reds and blues and yellows. I decided to move my spring up a notch. The flowers are red,the bush is a blooming Quince. We had one in our yard at our old home as long as we lived there. It does bear fruit but ours never did get where we could use them. The local kids would get them off the bush and throw them at each other, because they were so hard.  Even the critters would not eat them. The blossoms are just beautiful though. 

Every additional inch of that white STUFF we are getting makes me just cringe and getting stuck in a bank of it over my knees didn’t help. Here I am trying like crazy to shovel my way out of it, laughing in a way, because it had been literally decades since that had last happened to me. In my boots, in my clothes..cold white stuff melting on my socks. ICK! The furnace exhaust pipe had to be free of anything in front of it. The ice had piled up so high it was nearly blocking it. So someone had to trudge through that mountain of white and get it cleared. That was me. I just did not take into consideration how high the drifts were. TOO darn high.Snow Enough already Cartoon_thumb[1]

Seems everyone is screaming surrender here..the only exception is this guy..Snow-PlowHe is making tons of overtime pay covering up our mailboxes and driveways that we just cleared out. I have given the high sign to many although I know they are just doing their jobs. The local drivers are making money too..lots of it for about five minutes work. Our drive, being a long one, has been plowed at least three or four times compared to NONE in the past 5 years. We have a machine but some of the stuff we have been getting is just too much for it. We are all crying UNCLE that is for sure. 

SO I am done with my rant..I am done with the white stuff I won’t mention its ugly name. I am positive I am not alone on this either. It has been a relentless winter this year. I will wear my four layers of clothes and dream of warmer days..not hot..just warmer..I would even take 40 or 50 degrees.. that would beat our 20 below wind chills for sure.  Sooooo I will leave you with..

STAY WARM AND WELL out there in blogland..