Monthly Archives: March 2014



March blew in and with it COLD and more SNOW. Goodness we just cannot seem to get rid of it. My driveway is pure ice now, Despite the warm ups it froze up hard and is treacherous to maneuver. I take an ICE pick with me to make my venture to the mailbox across the road to the right of the driveway. I have a cell phone in my pocket in case I fall and no one sees me. It is a winter I won’t soon forget and I hope it leaves SOON. The white is so tiring..I wonder now how folks really do it living in the northern countries. White is boring. DSCN9937The fence on the right is almost covered now and the snow is over knee-deep. Some is shoveled that direction and some just drifted there. Soon the warmer temps will come and the crocus will begin to pop up. RIGHT NOW, they must be very confused. Below is March 2012. I sure hope we see some of these by late April.