Monthly Archives: October 2014



October is here and where have the days flown? So much going on. I am now more settled in and believe each day when I wake up that I am HOME. There for a while it felt like I was in a motel or something. You just have that feeling of uncertainty. One night while standing in my kitchen washing dishes, I thought to myself, I know where most everything is now. It will be there from now on…I AM HOME…It sure felt good. If you have had the journey I had over the past 3 years you would KNOW how good that feels. I am now getting used to the fridge that pops and rattles really loud at night..(it’s a 1995 model), I am getting used to the people who live here and can tell almost by a door slam or a footstep who is coming and going. It’s a daily routine. I get joy out of the LAWN guys mowing and I don’t have to.( Oh it is wonderful.) Those hard days are over. I like riding the bus and seeing sights along the way and talking to people. It is a real eye opener. I wish my camera worked better. I have had a little luck here and there but it takes a lot to make it act normal again. I did manage to take this shot of the trees.  The colors seem really bright this year and not all dull like last fall. Are you all ready for Halloween?? I have no idea what the residents do here in this complex but guess I will find out. There are many apartments here that are decorated outside. Will be fun seeing what costumes the kids are wearing this year. 



Here is one I took of the trees behind our complex…all different colors.DSCN6594

Here is one from our parking lot looking toward the road. It really is a beautiful fall here this year.