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I just had to share the great time my sister and I had the other day making cookies for the holidays. It had been years since we sat and made pans of cookies to give out to friends. There has been mild weather and no snow here, so what better way to get into the holiday spirit but make goodies for others to enjoy. Christmas is just not here until I bake my sugar cookies and decorate them. It would not be the holiday without Grandma’s Coconut Bon Bon’s  or Rachael Ray’s Five minute fudge. DSCN6752

DSCN6772 (2)111DSCN6755Well it took most all day long, but it sure was fun. The happy faces receiving  them sure made me glad.  Our family traditions are still alive this and well this year.

Hope your family is busy making many happy memories too.





Posting here on a very unusual day 12-13-14.. won’t see this again for 89 years. Many are getting married today to have a special wedding anniversary. I noted here before that I had put up a tree in my new place, but the longer I looked at it, it was just too small for my living room. I set out looking for something larger. I went to my favorite place first..GOODWILL. Yes indeed they had at least two large 7 foot trees inside the boxes and they had lights on them. That was just way too large for me, so I kept on trying. I found a strange smaller tree that I bought.  It looked like something from a store display. It had felt Elves all over it. I added some lights and the tree kept tipping over. Frustrating trying to keep it upright, I took the two elves off the sides and it finally stayed upright. I noticed that the back of the tree was mostly FLAT and there were very few branches back on it. Darn! I bought a small lamp and it did not work so I had to go back to the store to return it. After my lunch, I went back to the store, about an hour or so had passed. In that time ANOTHER tree had been brought from the back of the store. I was so surprised.DSCN6728

This tree had a trunk that looked like a real wood, but was it??? It stood about 6 foot high.


Such a real “Charlie Brown” kinda tree, I grabbed it quick and brought it home. Research told me that this was like a PONDEROSA PINE. Reminded me of my many trips to the mountains when I lived in California years ago. I decorated it with ornaments from our local dollar store, sadly I have very few ornaments from our trees from childhood.The angel was on top of a small tree that mom put on our old tree. It’s a work in progress for me because I am one who constantly will re do a tree for a week or two until I get it right. Sooo here it is. The elves from the other tree are hugging the trunk.






SO December rolled in and NO SNOW, we have green grass and warm temps and it seems more like November weather. I like it one way and not in another. Reminds me of my winters in California. If we had some frosty mornings there it is all we could ask for.  Will it snow by Christmas, who knows. We just wait and see. In my new apartment it is really different because it is warm inside. Luckily, heat is free here so I am enjoying a nice break this year. 

 I went on a search in many places for a 4 foot tree with NO LIGHTS. I had no luck.
I am still looking for it. Seems all the ones they have already have lights and cost way more than I want to pay. Whatever happened to simple. Well I bought a smaller one and I guess it will do for this year. I got rid of so many of our old things that I have not much left so am starting a new collection. I can’t wait until after Christmas ornament sales. Know I will get some real gems. I went on a search through so many boxes looking for the stockings that my mother knitted back in the 60’s. She took to knitting really easy I was told by the neighbor lady who taught her. I sure am glad that I found them.   These two were used just as decorations. 

One was really large, I don’t remember why she made it that big but it sure has held up well all these years. The lady who taught mom made all us kids our own stockings and boy did we use them too. 
Starting my baking late this year, not sure what kind of cookies I will be making but I will be making them. Hope the neighbors help me eat them.  😉
                                    HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.