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YES I am a senior who rides the bus. I like it. I see the whole city sometimes before I get to my destination. I think of it as an adventure. I never get the same bus or driver twice. I see all sorts of people. Living in a new town it is nice to meet others.


I overheard a conversation on the bus between two very elderly women that made me sad though. One was going to a store to buy something for a woman who had been place in a nursing facility. She said her room was so WHITE and needed color. She wanted to cheer her up. She had a cart with wheels on it similar to the one I had with me. The other woman told her to be careful because the workers in the store will hassle you with a cart, thinking you might be stealing something. It had happened to her. It occurred to me then, all the looks I got going into a store with a cart, even one that was folded down with nothing in it. I have had those looks. If you have no ride you have to carry every item you buy with you until you ride the bus again. Sometimes it can be quite a lot of bags. I have learned to ask about leaving my cart up at the front of the store. Most employees are fine with that, if it is not too loaded and there is room. It helps me not keeping track of everything while I shop too.  It’s an all new world out there learning about how to do things differently and how others deal with problems.  On the way home, my cart was loaded and the driver put it and me way in the back of the bus. He almost forgot I was back there as he delivered others and picked up others. I have learned to ride along and wait but this was a little bit of a LONG wait. I spoke up and the expression on his face told the whole story. So I was next to be let off at my complex. I was glad I was not in my 80’s and tired and left to sit there a long time.  It made me think though.  

The wheels on the bus go round and round…and I will take many more trips and learn all new things each time I go. Ready for my next adventure…I hope from the front of the bus.










I felt the need to clean and try and organize before the new year came around. How much can a person do in such a small place? You would be surprised. My disposal was on it’s way OUT when I moved in back in August. It finally quit and had to be replaced yesterday on New Years Eve day. The cabinet under the sink had to be cleared out and YES, you guessed it I had to re-do the whole cabinet. Found stuff under there I had no idea was there. WHY I kept it all I have no idea.  I got all done and still it looked too cluttered. Just cannot win I guess. It has been YEARS since I really lived in a one bedroom apartment for a long time. In California, I had plenty of storage area and managed well. Here, I have found storage of my things and some of my mother’s, really hard to manage. I keep moving  things around hoping it will work. I remember the saying over and over again..”If you bring something in, you must take something out”. 

MY walk-in closet is so nice, but soo full! Must get cracking at trying to make it hold more and KNOW what is in each area. I bought new hangers, the skinny kind. WORKED great. I highly recommend them,they save a ton of space.


Good thing I am not a big shoe person, or I would be in real trouble. Any good ideas or hints will really be appreciated on organizing things better, especially on a tight budget.  This new year truly will be full of changes. I hope it will be a healthy, happy and prosperous one for us all.