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The unbelievable news came by Facebook that our dear blogging friend Rebecca Bowers had passed away over the weekend. It came as a shock to everyone. She was not ill and was of young age. I came to know her at MSN Spaces as she and her husband blogged and became part of a big family of  bloggers. We learned of her life and family,pets,job,accomplishments and heart breaks. Our Bob, her husband, was a cherish friend and with his passing in 2011 we held Becky up in prayer and shared the loss with her. They are now together with the angels and someday we will see them again. You will be missed Becky…give Bob a hug from all of us. becky




DSCN6948This is my latest addition to my new place. I loved the colors and the garden look of it. It is a watercolor and the artist name is T. WEEKS. I am not sure if it is a local artist or not. It is something I could look at all year around. White walls are so boring. I have not settled on a place for it yet, but where ever it is I will enjoy it. 



YES INDEED.. it is Superbowl Sunday and we have a white out today in my neck of the woods. Travel is treacherous and not advised. It probably will change a lot of those Superbowl parties and plans. We could get a foot of snow out of this system. The heaviest we have had all winter. We are sooo lucky. 

DSCN6878In the past I had restrictions on what I could serve for our Superbowl dinner. This year is different as I am in my new place and I can fix whatever I like. I LIKE homemade Pizza so that I will do but for snacks I found a new chip I like a lot. Pringles makes a TORTILLA chip. You can have 15 chips for one serving. (I won’t eat that many, I hope but I like the idea of it. ) This changed my menu  a little bit. I decided to make some dip to go with it. WHAT KIND?? I went with Mr. Food’s recipe for Six Layer DIP. It looks rather simple and of course I will scale it down for just 2 servings. Will let you know how I like it later. 

AS for picking a team to win the game this year.. I have to go with the SEAHAWKS. I think they are a really strong team with a win last year they are on a roll! I am just glad they are playing the game in a warm climate, and not fighting the cold and snow like last year.  SeattleSeahawks22012