First attempt at making a fake flower arrangement for outdoors.. I have changed it THREE times.. don’t know what the problem is with me .. but anyway.. had to bring it inside…weather changed and SNOW fell. I KID YOU NOT it got cold and stormy and very windy. Most everyone else took all the outdoor things inside too. Those are large shells I placed in the planter.. just can’t get enough of the beach I guess. CIMG2418CIMG2420Picked up a nice photo of Daytona Beach at sunrise for 1$. Framed and signed with date and what the photo was. Nice to know its origin. I liked the frame first BEFORE I knew what it was. Yes, it’s a little rippled in the frame so your eyes are OKAY!! 😉

CIMG2441Poor neighbor’s garden had no idea SNOW was about to show up again. The flowers are drooping but still there. CIMG2447Snow clouds and covering the roof of the building across the way.. April 22. Last year we had temps in the 80’s!



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  1. Neat pics! Your arrangement is just so artsy—what talent you have for that! Love your new pic too. Worry not—soon it will be so hot you’ll have to stay inside in the air conditioning. Enjoy having no discernible snow—none to shovel.

  2. It’s a shame when late season snow comes in to spoil the party isn’t it? We had a cool snap but not much in the area of snow…now there’s even eighties in the forecast…God knows I’m rejoicing!

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