CIMG2506This series of plates I saw at the Goodwill store and HAD TO HAVE.. Lyrics to Amazing Grace. Love the clouds.. I dedicated it all to Beth Marie and they hang in my dining area.

On the same trip I bought a candle.. an EMPTY candle. It was big enough that I could replace the inside with another candle. I am really “into” shells right now so this large one I could not resist. It smells like vanilla.


Mostly all I saw this week was 3 days and nights of  loud machines and wet carpet and plenty of work cleaning up a big mess.My apartment was the only one with a lot of damage.  Plumbers took 8 hours to clean out a tree root lined sewer that clogged up our entire building. It was HOT, noisy and stinky. Glad it is over and I did not have to pay the huge bill!!




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  1. Hello, my name is Katie. I’ve been on WordPress for…years…your site was recommended by them, so I came by to have a look. Am retired as well, and liking it for the most part…liked this blog very much. I love going to places like Goodwill and finding treasures, just like you’ve shown here. The plates and candle are the sorts of things that I like to collect…very beautiful…hope you’ll come and read me, if you’ve got the time…new friends are like unexpected blooms in your garden…they just unfold when you least expect it. Have a truly great day today! Katie.

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