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autumn blessingsI cannot believe I almost let August go by without one entry here.Autumn is right around the corner.  I guess I have been busy getting through the hot days and nights of summer. Gone are the blogging days when we never missed a day to post what was happening in our world. Facebook and twitter are so immediate to everyone blogs take a back seat. It’s been 10 years now since that horrible hurricane  Katrina reached our gulf coast states and destroyed so many lives. I add this photo here. It was something that I could not believe. A stadium full of people who were trying to survive in the floods that occurred that day. dome20evacueesTen years later things are better but not back to total normal. Many homes will never be rebuilt and many moved away and relocated. Here is a link to a good report of how things are going now.

Here in my neighborhood..People are moving in and out in a pretty good pace here in the complex. We have had a weird summer of cold days and then really hot days. The local county fair came and went and the farmer’s market is loaded with vendors selling the last of their crop for the year. Soon apple and pumpkins will take over. Just didn’t seem like the summer lasted long enough this year…I dread the long long winter months. So for now I will just keep this here as  a reminder..beach