Monthly Archives: September 2015



If there was no FACEBOOK I guess I would be spending my days here at my blog. Lately I have had times when my log in page at Facebook says.. “SORRY something went wrong we are working on it and hope to get it fixed as soon as we can”. It is almost always in the middle of the day. Is this a sign to stop using Facebook so much?Do we panic and wonder what to do with our time? The world without Facebook.. what would it be like? Twitter would be over run with tweets and probably CRASH.

facebook Oh I have cut back on my hours on-line and give my mind and self a break a lot lately. It is for my own good.

readI am reading books more and enjoying the quiet time. I sure hope kids NEVER forget that real books can open the mind to all sorts of possibilities. Libraries are wonderful places for young and old. I enjoy not hearing about the latest ISIS attack or politics and who did what to who. A simpler life is much better for me all the way around. 

It says it is almost the end of September. The leaves are still green here and the trees full. Up north some color can be found but we are at least two full weeks behind last year. I am enjoying this Indian Summer weather it cannot last long enough in my book. Winter is long in Michigan. Hope you all are enjoying the season.