on a cold winter’s night a woman laid in her
bed, tucked under the warm blankets.She
hoped and prayed for a miracle.
She wondered if God or anyone out there heard
her prayers. An angel was listening.
This angel was busy trying to make the
woman’s wish come true. She gathered all her other
“angel” helpers together and sure enough a real
Christmas miracle started to take place. The word went
out across the land, “Join us if you wish”, and so it became
even more of a special  Miracle.
At around 4 pm on Monday the door bell range twice.
A large man stood at the door asking if I was home.
I approached the front door and saw a man dressed in
a uniform carrying a very large box.
I could not tell just what was in the box..he asked me
“do you want me to tell you?” I said YES please!!
He reached over and studied the label.. sure enough
he read it outloud.. “it says HP…” He never got to
finish the sentence.. I started yelling loudly 
OH MY GOD!! right in his ear!  He grinned and I was so
excited I asked if I could give him a hug.. I said  “You
should be dressed like “SANTA CLAUS!!” He just laughed
and went on his way.
I studied the box. I checked the shipping label. I could not find
any name of a sender. How strange a package would come and
you didn’t know who sent it.  
I had my suspicions, but each one kept telling me ..”NO not me!”
WHAT was I to believe?? Sis was excited.. she said  “I have known for
days and boy was it hard to keep you from being so depressed, without
saying something.”  I had been trying to track down someone to see if
my computer could be fixed at all. I got desperate 2 days after it broke down and
went to the library. TEN computers there and all of them busy. SadThere was a
45 minute wait to get on line. I had to leave to go do other errands and
getting on line would have to wait. Snow storm and blizzard, high winds and
cold cold days followed and I could not even get out at all except to shovel
the snow that piled up. 
I called a friend to come over and help me try to hook up the tower and
ask her some questions. Surely she would know something. Turns out
she knew as much as I did.. nothing at all. Confused I got phone calls that day
from Spaces friends and no one would tell me anything.. except that
“WE ALL KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!” What in the world could that be??
If you are reading this tale and have not been in the loop.. here is the
My dear friend SUE ordered the tower from HP and invited many of the
spaces friends to send cards and contribute to the surprise if they wanted
to. So you know what happened then? The generosity of our SPACES family
was overwhelming!!!!!   
This MIRACLE tower was purchased
by SPACES FRIENDS. Crying  I shook for hours and just could not get
over the thought of all those friends coming to my aid. I got up in the
middle of the night and walked into the room and just stared at it.
YEs, it really was sitting there and they had given me a great gift!!
Miracles do happen and this surely is the season for them. Red heart
I will certainly spend the rest of my days remembering the moment
I realized what you all had done.Red heart I will never be the same again.
This community of caring people we have here at Spaces is
beyond  mere words. WE are a big FAMILY..

 I name all my computers and have since the very first one. I do that
because it becomes a big part of me and truly a lifeline to the
outside world. A very important part. SO….
This one will be called “MIRACLE”  because… IT TRULY IS!!
I have received the many cards that were sent..Each one of you wonderful
friends will be hearing from me personally, with very humble
and grateful thanks. Red heartRed heart
For those who were involved the specifications are
as follows..  HP PAVILLION a6600z PC is what
was purchased.  I TRULY LOVE MY “MIRACLE”. I have a great
deal to catch up on as it has IE7 and WINDOWS VISTA..
I have a feeling I will be learning for some time to come, Wink
you all know how I am with changes, Confused so I will take it really slow.
I am looking forward to getting back to visiting you all soon..
I humbly wish you many of them this CHRISTMAS!
© Caroldee 2008

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  1. Even when I am not one of making this miracle occur, I want to say that miracles do occur YEEEEEEE
    I was once with no money in charge of opening a rural home for orphans, with my two daughters and the first 2 children 4 years old, I looked inside my refrigerator and had only 1/2 litre of milk. and nothing else.
    I went out in the garden and I said loud, God my imagination is finished, do something Help me Please. I had just finish to talk when the telephone rang. I went running to answer and a voice told me Violeta??? YYYYYYes, Violeta I am calling you because we always do a party at the end of the year and this time you were selected to receive the money we collected. Who is it??????? you know us because we were at a Seminar over the cause of children and you were too.
    From then on every day some one was sending us bags of flour lentils milk powder fish.
    I never will get tired of telling every one this true story that happens to me. I have hundreds of reasons to believe in miracles Violeta

  2. I saw this link on Sue’s space and decided to come in here and take a peek. Great site you have here. Every time I read this it tears me up as this dear is what Christmas is all about, the caring for another that you want to help and I am so happy I got to be a small part of it. It gave me a good feeling and like in the Grinch movie, seeing and reading how happy it made you made my heart swell. Giving joy is such a good thing to do. God bless you hun and always……..Rusty ((HUGS))

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