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IT’S SO HARD… . I quit bread.. something I love.. I mean L O V E…WHY?It’s not a gluten thing I  just don’t need those carbs..I quit sandwiches, I quit cornbread with butter, toast, hamburgers, subs,


OH MYYYyyy it’s tough… I mean it. I try to not think about it.. I mean HOT biscuits with butter or honey or gravy.. ACKkkkkk   I heard Oprah say.. I LOVE BREAD.. well I feel her pain. Especially when you don’t have it any more. You think maybe I will sneak just a roll or just a slice.. NOooo that leads to my weakness..can’t do it. I do have a few slices of bread in the freezer in case someone comes and wants a sandwich but NOPE not eating it. It has helped me for sure to cut this out. 

I avoid places where I can smell it baking.. Subway and that fresh bread smell at the grocery bakery. It’s like a real killer… BINGE.. nope I have been happy not to do that.. SO FAR 
They do say though, if you cut one thing out of your diet you will crave something else.. 
Winter will come soon and then it will be 



I just had to share the great time my sister and I had the other day making cookies for the holidays. It had been years since we sat and made pans of cookies to give out to friends. There has been mild weather and no snow here, so what better way to get into the holiday spirit but make goodies for others to enjoy. Christmas is just not here until I bake my sugar cookies and decorate them. It would not be the holiday without Grandma’s Coconut Bon Bon’s  or Rachael Ray’s Five minute fudge. DSCN6752

DSCN6772 (2)111DSCN6755Well it took most all day long, but it sure was fun. The happy faces receiving  them sure made me glad.  Our family traditions are still alive this and well this year.

Hope your family is busy making many happy memories too.




I smiled the biggest  watching a neighbor teach his daughter how to ride a small two-wheeler. The bike never had training wheels and a small boy neighbor could ride it easily. She could not. So dad got his chance to run around holding the back of the bike and running along beside her. They did all this on the cement or paved street, smart dad. I remember falling on that street. OUCH…oh how I wish I had a video of that moment. There is no feeling in the world like the wind rushing through your hair as you ride as fast as you can and feel like you have wings for the first time. Wife came out and filmed a lot of her riding attempts. She just had to keep peddling. She tried another part of the complex that was flatter. MUCH better results. In less than two hours she was riding like a pro. BIG smile on her face. Neighbors came outside and applauded her efforts. I yelled..”Good JOB..DAD too!” I swear his face lit up like a Christmas tree all twinkly. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of September 2014. I had to think, I hope she remembers where and when she was when she learned, I remember where and how but not WHEN.  I hope her mom NEVER loses that video. A whole new world is ahead of her. Today she went to school, no doubt, with stories of her success. Can’t wait to see if she still rides well after school.. Stay tuned. 

OH DEAR Blog Readers….the smells from my kitchen this morning brought tears to my eyes. I used my oven to bake my mother’s recipe for BANANA BREAD.. OH how the whole place smells like home and MOM making  it over and over again. She loved it so. She never needed the recipe almost up to the day she left. She made it so many times it was in her memory bank.  ALWAYS the end piece with lots of butter on it, that was her favorite. HOT HOT out of the oven would make her just ooooh and ahhhh.  Making it this time for my sister’s birthday. I omitted the pineapple this time and made it plain. Can you smell it??? YUMMM!! Haven’t had this in ages. Last time I made bread it was in the microwave for lack of an oven. Well it was edible, but just not the same. It cracked on top just like MOM made it. So happy it came out good. Recipe link is above.

DSCN6522Got to say the fall here in Michigan this past week has been spectacular. The leaves changing very quick but the temps have been mild and cool at night. NO rain, just does feel like October instead of September though. I fear the winter will be early this year again. Still looking for the wooly worm and his prediction but the black squirrels here are  busy storing nuts from the nearby trees like crazy. That alone is scary. I shudder thinking about last winter, but at least know this year there will be way way less shoveling for me here in my new place. 





So many things have taken place since my last update here. We lost an icon in Joan Rivers death. Sad and shocking all at the same time. It felt like she would be here with us a lot longer. Such a warm, nice, funny lady, she was smart and had a tongue and humor that could cut like a knife if she wanted to. I will miss her humor and presence in this world. Rest in peace Joan and you and Robin make Heaven roar with laughter. 


I finally got all moved into my new place and despite all the hours of unpacking I still cannot find things and have no idea if I even HAVE things anymore. Confusing to say the least. This week the cable company was hired to upgrade the cable system here. It had not been done since 1990. WOW… talk about OLD>.. it worked though. Can not say the same for the new yet. They are still at work doing the three buildings here. What we did not know was all the cable connectors now have to be installed on an inside wall so EVERYONE here has to move all their furniture around to accommodate the new installed connections. OH MY..that is not setting well with those who have been here some 15-20 years!! I along with everyone else moved things. Guess I will get used to it though. Cable companies DO NOT provide any extra cables if you need them you have to buy it. I told the installer well, no bother I sure don’t care to have the cable running in front of my patio doors..not a good idea.I have time to change things thank goodness..others do not. They have been established a long time so sorry about that.


DSCN6484LETS talk about GAS…well you know almost ALL my life in all the places I have lived I have had GAS STOVES..yeah and now I have electric. Getting used to it slowly but YES I have scorched a lot so far…takes time to get used to.I forget that all apartments now days are electric based. I LOVE my new place don’t get me wrong.. I am sooo happy to have it.. just adjusting to the neighbors noises, the bumps in the night that you are not used to. I feel like I am living in a motel most of the time so far. YEAH it’s that new to me. I don’t have photos up and pictures of family and etc.. that will come in time. I just am at the baby stage of apt living I guess. I noticed recently that ANYTIME a person raises their voice or makes a ruckus.. the whole complex is a BUZZ with curiosity. It is quite comical. When I was moving load after load in the car into the new place, I always got stopped with questions and comments. IT’S a community here…YEP.. they all know each other and I have to GO with the FLOW…a new neighborhood. So far they all know my first name and where I lived before and I have a sister and some friends.. I don’t have a car and well that is about it. OH yeah.. the smells coming from my place are yummy…because yes indeed.. I DO COOK.. I may not eat it all but I do cook. I have had to tone down my cooking for one now…but I do enjoy baking..oh yessss. I made some cookies for the cable guys… always good to have them on YOUR SIDE and remember you! I do know how to make an impression.. they were great..considering the electric oven etc…whew..               


WHILE we are here let’s talk about INFORMATION…I don’t even have a phone book for where I am now..thank GOD for the internet and you can find things in a hurry..but changing the driver’s license address..oh myyyy it’s in another town.. I just have to find a way to get things done I guess. Change of address stickers and forwarding at the post office etc. Thank Goodness I don’t get a whole lot of junk mail and such. I heard there is a FEE to pick up mail if they are holding it for you. All things I have to check into. I know the town I am living in kinda well but as to streets and which way to get around NO. Learning is fun… if I had a way to get around better I think I would already know more. This town provides a dial a ride.. and that is why I am living here. I have to get out and that is the way I am going to do it. When I think of how much I am saving it is MIND BLOWING.. When I get into a warm bus in the wintertime and not have to heat it up or worry about driving on roads etc.. I am thrilled. This town is maybe 2 miles long..maybe more.. so it is not a large city but just big enough for me. I feel it is WHERE I AM SUPPOSED to be. It may not mean sense to anyone else….but to ME…I am happy with it. More stories later.. I have to run there is a ruckus in the courtyard.. I bet those cable guys started it.. LOL   







 SO how do you fix your St. Patrick’s day meal.???
Is it a long
drawn out ordeal of brinning the meat or boiling or baking the meat. SPICED OR NOT SPICED?  I used to like the spiced meat..but have gotten used to the un-spiced now.  I was shocked to hear from a neighbor that she no longer makes her dinners that she made for 50 years, because the meat is too tough for them to eat..That was so sad to hear. I told her that there are so many ways to fix the dinner. She could not believe that someone boiled the meat. She never had made it that way.
She was baking the meat in the oven and that made it really tough to chew…My mother was  born in the south and her mother always boiled the meat and made a boiled dinner out of it.42-16023650 - Corned Beef with Cabbage, Leeks, and CarrotsThat meat falls apart and loses some of the salt in the water and by adding the cabbage and potatoes it loses more salt…. or does it??  THIS IS THE QUESTION…Does it really lose the salt or is it still there? I say it is there… but not as bad as if the whole thing were baked, with some glaze on it.Whatever you make for your holiday meal..I am sure it will be yummy!!
Here is my recipe for what our local store calls IRISH FLUFF, but there are other names for it too. This is a really sweet dessert you might like to try..

1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained
1 (3 ounce) package instant pistachio pudding mix
1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
1/2 (10.5 ounce) package miniature marshmallows
In a large bowl, combine the pineapple and dry pistachio pudding mix. Fold in thawed whipped topping and marshmallows until well mixed. Refrigerate until chilled and serve.




I went to the store yesterday to get supplies for my Superbowl feast on Sunday. Usually I get the same old things every year. I make it light with chips and One dip and fruit and One dip. Pizza or some kind of sandwiches. There won’t be a crowd so I don’t have to worry about running out.  A sign caught my eye as I went down the snacks aisle,  stating the top ten snacks on Superbowl Sunday. Gave me pause to think of changing my usual plan.

HERE IS THE LIST :    BEER, CHIPS, GUACAMOLE,BUFFALO WINGS, PIZZA, COOKIES, FRIED CHICKEN,POTATO SKINS, SUB SANDWICHES,SODAS…  I think NACHOS should be on the list too..anyway..that all sounded good to me but it had been a long time since I had a real SUB SANDWICH with everything on it. I sure didn’t want to spend too much time in the store as the rain outside was getting harder. (I HATE shopping in the rain. ) I bought some fixin’s and headed home.

8 (1) 

WONDERING now what else I forgot, but I think I have enough to satisfy me at least for dinner anyway. I find it hard to watch a game without munching. This is why I always have the fruit and dip. Lot better for me than salty snack and even popcorn.

What  are your favorites  for the event? DO YOU always have the same things or find different recipes to try out? Is it a tradition to serve the same things? I’d love to hear your ideas.


WELL here is my pick for the winner. I am well aware that on both teams there are BROTHERS who are the coaches so I guess it really will be a victory for their family either way. Having lived in California for over 20 years of my life.. I choose the   san-francisco-49ers-authentic-pro-line-full-si

SAN FRANCISCO 49ER’S to win.. not sure by how much..don’t really care just as long as they win!!!

Hope it is a great game.. and hope the half time show is good too!! 





Yes indeed it was an icy Monday. Schools were closed here. Rural roads were so icy you could hardly maneuver on them. I tried to walk to the mail box down our driveway and practically slid all the way there and back.      DSCN8385           DSCN8383

The only thing clear was the street that had been plowed and salted. I managed to get to the street and decided to walk some and see how things were. YEP, most sidewalks were full of ice and snow. I sure wasn’t going to risk falling on them. Not much moving about either. A nice haze of FOG was wafting across the field and into the street. Much of the snow is now completely gone. GONE? What? Yes…gone. The freezing temps left and it was near 55 degrees today. My poor sinuses. My head cannot keep up with these swings from hot to cold. It is raining and thundering,and by Friday it will be freezing again with snow. Wow..what a crazy winter. It wouldn’t be so bad except for those who try to drive in this crazy stuff and make it dangerous for us all. 

Five days until the Superbowl. They are already showing some of the commercials that will play during the hours it is aired. I do like that the big corporations are giving everyday citizens a chance to make it big by making their own commercials. So many are made only a few win, but the ones that do really deserve the win. This one I loved from last year, it’s only 30 seconds but it will make you laugh. Glad the guy won!