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JULY 2017..WHAT’S UP??




WELL I made it to my 66th birthday! Never thought I would get this old.  I sure don’t feel that old. I look in the mirror and see someone I don’t recognize any more. WHAT happened?? Where did the time go? 

Boy, I can’t remember how many times I have said that.. daily living seems to be speeding up these days with all the technology we have. I find myself wanting it to slow down. Guess I am just an oldie but goodie..yep I just started TEXTING instead of calling so much. It’s free on my cell so why not? Got to save that money… all the time!! Now deciphering the darn texts now that takes some practice. LOLI enjoy watching the old tv shows on several networks, takes me back to the good ole days. We had no worries about how our government was going. It was a much simpler time. Spending time with a 2 month old baby sure will set your mind to racing. How glad you are that you are NOT going through all that again, but sure enjoy handing them off to the parent and going back to your nice peaceful home. AMEN!   Well enjoy your JULY before we know it we will be complaining about the leaves in our yard and the snow that is coming.

MY HOW TIME FLIES!!           





There is a commercial for Pepsi that is all over the internet. It is very funny..and looks entirely REAL. Some are stating that is was not a real video but a made up one.Not the real Jeff Gordon driving the car. Whether made up or not, it is very entertaining. Is the purpose of a commercial to sell the product? the purpose to entertain while selling the product?.. YES.. I think this commercial does both very well.  What do you think??  It’s worth watching and seeing for yourself. The reaction of the salesman is priceless and if faked he really deserves credit for being an excellent actor. 



Yesterday I went to our nearest Goodwill store.  I haven’t been in there in a couple of months. I like to browse the dishware and such and see what others have donated. I got out of the car and this is what I saw.. DSCN8506 a beautiful display of cards worthy of a Hallmark store just inside the doorway. Brand new displays very clean and organized and labeled. DSCN8503 I wondered where I was at for a moment. 

The farther I walked in the more surprised I got DSCN8502 Two aisles were brand new merchandise like found in a dollar store, not donated items. Money to be made here. They moved all the clothing to the back and side of the store in order for all these new items to be placed. As I wandered around I found more and more NEW items for sale. WHAT?? Where were the donated items we are used to seeing? I was pretty shocked. The sign outside said “GOODWILL” but what I saw inside sure didn’t look like it.  So at least 45-50 percent of the store was now new items. DSCN8507 What items were people mostly looking at? The USED items and the clothing..NOT the cards and NEW things for sale. There is a dollar store only steps away for those items. DSCN8501   I will say their displays are nice but really, do we have to have so many new things?? DSCN85051

I am one who doesn’t like changes much at all, but in my opinion these new changes might just lose them some business in the long run. People now have very limited incomes and they have to make the money count. If this is a new trend..sorry I sure don’t care for it. Wondering how other towns stores are now and if they all will end up this way?  



Yes indeed it was an icy Monday. Schools were closed here. Rural roads were so icy you could hardly maneuver on them. I tried to walk to the mail box down our driveway and practically slid all the way there and back.      DSCN8385           DSCN8383

The only thing clear was the street that had been plowed and salted. I managed to get to the street and decided to walk some and see how things were. YEP, most sidewalks were full of ice and snow. I sure wasn’t going to risk falling on them. Not much moving about either. A nice haze of FOG was wafting across the field and into the street. Much of the snow is now completely gone. GONE? What? Yes…gone. The freezing temps left and it was near 55 degrees today. My poor sinuses. My head cannot keep up with these swings from hot to cold. It is raining and thundering,and by Friday it will be freezing again with snow. Wow..what a crazy winter. It wouldn’t be so bad except for those who try to drive in this crazy stuff and make it dangerous for us all. 

Five days until the Superbowl. They are already showing some of the commercials that will play during the hours it is aired. I do like that the big corporations are giving everyday citizens a chance to make it big by making their own commercials. So many are made only a few win, but the ones that do really deserve the win. This one I loved from last year, it’s only 30 seconds but it will make you laugh. Glad the guy won!




FALL I like it?? NO..not really.. I love the long days of summertime.I can do so much more in a day with them longer. Some get up early for work in the dark and now they come home in the dark. It’s a sign of winter coming so I guess we just get used to it. I remember that last year the fall was warmer and it was nice to have winter take it’s time getting here. Wish it was that way always. 

 I feel for all those who lost so much in Hurricane that it will get darker will be colder too. No heat and winter right around the corner. People during hurricane Katrina did not have to worry about SNOW and ICE hampering their recovery process. I know some places never did recover there, some may not in New York or New Jersey either. Losing everything is so hard and so many will have to start over again. I pray for those who need help and will be a long hard winter.
The RED CROSS is taking donations..I know that is a good thing but I also know that sometimes it takes awhile for the funds and the help to get where it is going. I was so relieved to see the marathon cancelled and those supplies moved to where they can be used. When they knew this once in a lifetime storm was coming they should have cancelled it sooner. It sure makes me wonder though,  with the elections coming, that the outcome could be accurate with so so many people NOT VOTING because they cannot get to the polls or have no poll to vote at. People are still in shock, reeling from the loss they have had and could care less about the election now. Will be interesting to see how it all comes out. 



For some people it is a LABOR DAY..they work. They don’t see any difference in it being a “holiday”. Kids know school starts the next day around here. They are trying to get every single minute out of their last few free days off from the summer. It’s nice to honor those who are the backbone of our country.  Traditionally this weekend was always the one where MDA had their Jerry Lewis telethon. They still have a telethon but with not nearly the hoopla it once had because they fired Jerry Lewis from being its spokesman. Never was known WHY for sure but here it is “the” weekend for it and I haven’t heard a word about it. Sad. No picnics here or even a BBQ..going light this year and eating healthy for a change. [Yeah it might change before the end of the weekend..I will be sure to let you know. ;-)]

Here in town, gas went up to $4.09, very disgusted citizens are happy to drive elsewhere to buy it at least 5 cents cheaper. A gallon of milk of any kind was sitting just about $3.00 a gallon too. No sales in this area. Biggest happenings are the old old mayor is running for city council. He tried to run for mayor again and was voted out by a landslide so now he is trying again to run as a member. I have a feeling he won’t win that seat either. I have my vibes about Labor Day weekend and have for years..nothing that good ever happens to me around this time of year. So far, I am waiting to see. I did get stuck..I posted about it  HERE  ,it was quite weird to say the least. 

If you follow my posts on FB you will see a lot of references to a show on A&E Tv called DUCK DYNASTY.. I thought what a stupid show.. and passed it by. Then I watched just 3o minutes of it, out of lack of anything else to watch. I have never laughed so much. Whether parts are scripted or not..(they say they are not), I don’t care. It makes me laugh. In doing research I found out that the patriarch  of the family is a very well educated man with a masters degree and who was a teacher for a time. He raised college educated sons and they really do “know” what they are talking about. How else could a family become millionaires making DUCK calls??? So why act so crazy?? It’s funny and some say it’s a southern REDNECK way of life. However you see is funny to watch and I love laughing at it. 

Well whatever makes you laugh and makes you happy.. I hope you are doing it this weekend. The weather here is holding pretty well and we just may have a nice one after all. 




Recently one of the therapists told me that Sis and I were visiting mom too much at the care center. “Dear, we are concerned that you are visiting and spending too many hours here and you should be giving yourself a break now and then.” I paused a minute to take in what she said. It might be true that we do spend many hours more than other people do there. It also is true that Mom does a whole lot better when we visit than when we stay away. She needs assistance eating right now, and despite the fact that we have talked and urged every person there to help her with meals.. NOTHING has been  done about it. I asked the head administrator to step in and make sure there were orders to help her. So far.. they are dragging their feet. STAY away and see if they follow through with the order if you are not there…DID NOT WORK.  We have a friend who has stopped in on Mom at meal time and she was alone and not eating at all.   IS this serious.. YES! Is it worth pulling her out of there.. NO not yet.  Decisions, Decisions.. when is enough really enough?

I value the opinions of my blog readers.. I sure will appreciate any thoughts you may have on this subject. whether you have experienced it or not.  Given Mom’s condition and how weak she has been, do we just sit ourselves down and MAKE ourselves NOT visit her? The therapist’s opinion was that 3 or 4 days a week was plenty and NEVER more than 2-3 hours maximum.  She would not miss us that much at all. I BEG TO DIFFER! She notices it!! I told the therapist that. She is “with it” enough to KNOW she hasn’t seen you in days. It would be easy to do if Mom were able to do more for herself right now, but she can’t. I DO have complete confidence in the staff there. I know they are taxed to the limits with running after so many patients. I have been there to see it for myself. I have asked them if THEY think we are spending too much time there. I think they held back in their answers though, because with us present…well.. it is less work for them naturally. I am not there to DO their jobs, just help mom some until she regains some strength, if she ever does regain it to the point it was before she got sick.

Mom has been through so much in the last several months. We asked her often if she really wants to continue with her treatments. She has made it all too clear she is not ready to just “give up”.  I think when that time comes she will know it. It’s true her mental state is pretty confused these days, sometimes she confuses day with night and other times she is pretty with it.  Time to make decisions.. but when to do it.. THAT IS THE  QUESTION.

I thank you all in advance for your opinions I value them highly..