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 Our family have anxiously awaited the birth of this little bundle of joy. She is a doll and reports are she has blue eyes. Neither parent has blue eyes but her grandmother and great grandmother both have, had them.

LILY MARIE was born on MAY 8th at 7:55 AM…she weighed 7lbs and 2 oz. She was born on my late mother’s birthday and that made several of us very happy. Mom would have been thrilled to have another girl in the family.


Big Brother Theo (almost 6) first time meeting his new sister. .”wow, are we taking her home?”He wanted to hold her right away but they told him he would have to wait. I think he will be a great big brother. 






The unbelievable news came by Facebook that our dear blogging friend Rebecca Bowers had passed away over the weekend. It came as a shock to everyone. She was not ill and was of young age. I came to know her at MSN Spaces as she and her husband blogged and became part of a big family of  bloggers. We learned of her life and family,pets,job,accomplishments and heart breaks. Our Bob, her husband, was a cherish friend and with his passing in 2011 we held Becky up in prayer and shared the loss with her. They are now together with the angels and someday we will see them again. You will be missed Becky…give Bob a hug from all of us. becky



JUNE 24th 2005  that is the day I began blogging. I am in my 9th year. I have had 2800 posts with almost 15,000 comments and 74,000 views over those 9 years.  I can hardly believe it!! It was at MSN that blogging started.  Something new I could do while learning more about a computer. Boy did it take off. I had an old used computer loaned from a friend and I named it RUPERT after Rupert Bonham  who was a player on Survivor, one of my favorite shows. I started from scratch on dial-up and very slowly learned how to use it and made friends in the cyber world. I made daily trips to the library to learn all I could about how computers work. There the computers were so much faster. I soaked it all in like a sponge. Blogging is not like it used to be, a close intimate community of caring people. Our own little family. As the years have passed I have blogged about events in the world and my life and its up and downs. A way to express my thoughts and goals in life. I am so grateful to have this way of communicating with others. I have had three desktop computers, two laptops and now the tablet. Times are changing and I post a lot less than I used to. It seems life is quicker with Facebook. I will try to post more this new year. Share whatever is on my mind. 


Today the ice from 1/2 inch of rain over the snow is keeping me from getting out and about. Yesterday our satellite dish went out because of the snow piled on it. The rep on the phone said..” we can send someone out to check it for a fee” ..ahh NO thanks.. the drifts of snow are up to your hind parts and the dish is on the ROOF.  Hard getting to the roof to get it off..the rain helped melt it off though.. just what we needed.  One wonders if it will freeze over and then no more tv for awhile. Life goes on. Went to the mailbox, hadn’t had mail in four was covered by the snow plows throwing snow. They won’t deliver mail if they cannot get to it. The neighbors box  was thrown off, ours survived. Sis shoveled it out took almost an hour. Snow was about two feet deep. WHEW..winter is wild and scary this year. I thank God for our snow thrower. It worked like a charm and we have saved many back aches. I have drunk more hot chocolate, tea and hot soup than any other winter I can remember. I guess along with getting older we seek the things that comfort us don’t we!!

dividerI start 2014 and hope for goals to be conquered and life to get better. I hope you all have luck with all your dreams for the new year too. 



Where the heck did the summer go to? I mean it went to darn fast for me. We have such long winters here in Michigan that I would like to see warmer weather. NOT the humidity, mind you,  just warmth. I heard recently that we might get a bad winter season here with lots of snow. I hope that’s WRONG. Cold okay, not so much back twinged just a little thinking about that dreaded shovel. What happened to the Labor Day telethon? I didn’t see it at all this year. It wasn’t even advertised like it used to be. That is just tragic for those who depended on monies from the weekend. I guess taking Jerry Lewis’s name off it hurt them a lot. I know he is getting up there in age now, I will always wonder if that was the reason. 


Over the weekend I went to a funeral of a dear neighbor. We will miss her a lot and all of us from the neighborhood talked about  changes over the years and relived memories from our past there. Progress moves on, small towns dwindle down and become even smaller. The young folks move away seeking jobs and better schools. So many towns in this country like that I guess. 


The fall season is creeping closer and the days shorter. I already miss the daylight at 9PM. This year I filed for retirement benefits. I never thought I would be that old person doing that. Age is just a number, it’s all how you feel. I don’t feel old really. The lady on the phone told me that more people should file for it as soon as they turn 62. I asked WHY and she really didn’t give me a specific answer. She really emphasized it though. I wondered what she knew and I didn’t. “It’s your money she said…YOU earned it and YOU should HAVE it.” I always thought it best to wait, but her statement was so certain that I guessed I had made the right decision. It will help me a lot, so that’s all that counts. AND SO IT GOES ON and On and On.





ROSE.. who was stubborn,cross and demanding.  SALOME.. who was very religious, jolly and caring. HAZEL..who was creative,witty and kind. ADA…who was generous,a teacher and mentor. RUBY…who was motherly and a true friend. BOB… who was demanding,strict,and thoughtful. SHIRLEY…who was a teacher,patient and kind. ED… who was a second father, ARLENE… who was a second mother.  AUDREY… who was caring,insightful and smart.  DEANE…who was loving, supportive,organized,dependable. KATHERINE… who taught me faith and caring.  I could go on and on..those who loved, cared, raised, supported and taught me so much about life. I remember them all  today who helped me along the way. 



 MY younger brother DAVID  would have been 56 today.  He has been gone over 20 years now. It seems even longer to me now than that. I often wonder what he would think about things that have happened along the way. .I was living in Ca. at the time and had not been back to Michigan in 7 years. Jobs and money always got in the way of coming back to visit. Life happens you get busy and you lose track of what is important.On that April morning I heard a knock on my door, it was very early in the morning. It was my aunt..she had come to deliver the bad news, that my brother had died in a car accident. It was a shock to my soul. I had known he was kinda unhappy in his life and wanted to change things. He never had the chance to do that. The next day I was in Michigan with the help of some relatives, I managed to catch a plane home. The whole thing was a blur to me. I remember seeing my aunt and uncle talking about something that was in the morning paper that day. It was a normal day for them but not for me. Simple things like packing a bag and calling my boss and arranging a ride to the airport seemed like monumental tasks. Everything was moving in what seemed like slow motion. The plane ride was smooth and uneventful I hardly knew when it was time to get off. My mind raced with thoughts of the past and growing up together. It all seemed like a blur.

It was cold, colder than Ca. for sure. It was April in Michigan..that can be pretty cool to a person who the day before was in 75 degree weather.  Such a shock to my system, to be so upset and see everyone around me the same way. When life gets taken so quickly a person just does go into shock I guess. I wore a heavy coat to the cemetery. The service was packed with people from all over who knew my parents or knew my brother. It was standing room only during the service and the director told my folks he had never seen such a crowd. It was then I knew that my brother had made an impact on people of all ages. He was likeable and left quite an impression on people. I was so sad that I had to catch up on his life like this..why had it taken me so long to get to know him better? He didn’t like to talk on the phone much and so we never chatted about this or that . I remembered the last time I saw him in the airport in Detroit when I had come home for a visit the last time. I had the most awful feeling when I left that day inside me. Something I could not put into words or feelings. I cried on the plane going home, something I had never done before in my life after visiting home. I wonder now if I really deep down knew I would never see him again. I have had some ” vibes”  in my life, but none like I had that day.

                                                                                                              David  at 7 years old

I learned though my brother’s passing, that I  should really keep my family and friends as close as I can. I always try to do that matter how busy I get or what else is going on. I think I have become a better person for that knowledge.

I therefore pass that on to anyone reading this..Time is SHORT…live it to the fullest that you can..and keep your heart and mind open to every experience that you can hold on to. Keep your loved ones close as you can and never take anything or anyone for granted.








The things you find when you are going through the endless
boxes and drawers is just amazing. Yes..they are sometimes
special and sometimes shocking.I came across an old metal
trunk with 5 old quilts in it. I remembered them from days
gone by,but really had no idea mom had saved them.It was quite
a surprise. 


The large blue one had something that I thought was a dog on
it but when I looked closer, it resembled a donkey or horse.
I know my grandmother made it because it was pretty heavy.
Mom told her to make them heavier because it was so cold here.
The other quilts mom told us they were used in between the mattress
and the inner springs in the beds back in the 30’s.You can see some
damage to them,so they are really well-worn.



 These will be kept
in the family as keepsakes. In mom’s old sewing machine drawers
we found skeleton keys that went to our front door before the
new locks were put on. In our basement I looked under the pile
of old boxes and junk and found the drop leaf table that mom
and dad had in our home when they first moved in. Well worn doesn’t
really describe it,neglected and in need of TLC does.
I cleaned and sanded it and put on a spray coat of white paint. 
It looks like new!! The old chair I found also looked great
with a new shine.It was fun making them come alive again, ready
to be used everyday. People pay big bucks, they tell me, for antique drop-leaf tables if they are in good condition. Wish that mine had the original wood instead of being painted though. I will use it proudly as my parents did. The packing has settled down now, and the process of leaving the home place behind and moving on is upon me. I ‘ve had luck so far with many contacts with job offers so I hope to get busy once I get settled in a new place. I will pick up my flyers and business cards next week and start the expansion into another city to open up as many opportunities as possible. Time seems to be flying for me, Spring is trying so hard to come here and getting smacked back by the chilly air. We may just get one of the coolest May’s on record this year the weatherman said. Yes long as there is NO SNOW involved I will be happy. I sold the snowblower and the lawnmower…. good riddance I will no longer be needing them!