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Everything creaks.. includes my joints..  My strength is going day by day. I forget where I put stuff  after I put it there. Have a hard time finding my cell phone and keys on a daily basis. Forget to charge my phone until I notice that NO ONE has called me at all for a whole day. Normal…is that normal.. How do I know? This is my first venture into forgetting things or putting them off for days at a time. LIFE does get in the way..but something I said I would NOT NOT NOT DO is stop blogging.. NO WAY!!!  So now it is OCTOBER and ALMOST November. Thank goodness I did remember before the month ended. Hope you all enjoyed your fall. Ours was so slow here. Some leaves are still GREEN here. It’s okay by me I dread LONG LONG winters.  There are 58 days until CHRISTMAS DAY.. WOW time is flying.. enjoy the fall weather. Winter is really not far away.






October is here and where have the days flown? So much going on. I am now more settled in and believe each day when I wake up that I am HOME. There for a while it felt like I was in a motel or something. You just have that feeling of uncertainty. One night while standing in my kitchen washing dishes, I thought to myself, I know where most everything is now. It will be there from now on…I AM HOME…It sure felt good. If you have had the journey I had over the past 3 years you would KNOW how good that feels. I am now getting used to the fridge that pops and rattles really loud at night..(it’s a 1995 model), I am getting used to the people who live here and can tell almost by a door slam or a footstep who is coming and going. It’s a daily routine. I get joy out of the LAWN guys mowing and I don’t have to.( Oh it is wonderful.) Those hard days are over. I like riding the bus and seeing sights along the way and talking to people. It is a real eye opener. I wish my camera worked better. I have had a little luck here and there but it takes a lot to make it act normal again. I did manage to take this shot of the trees.  The colors seem really bright this year and not all dull like last fall. Are you all ready for Halloween?? I have no idea what the residents do here in this complex but guess I will find out. There are many apartments here that are decorated outside. Will be fun seeing what costumes the kids are wearing this year. 



Here is one I took of the trees behind our complex…all different colors.DSCN6594

Here is one from our parking lot looking toward the road. It really is a beautiful fall here this year.







  This “devil” was in a yard I passed by and talk about HUGE..the manekin next to it was man-size. I would hate to go trick or treating at this house.. talk about scary!! Looked to me like it came from some kind of a carnival or something. Only a circus or something would have something that large!  

 If you passed by this house and saw this in the doorway..would you stop?? Yes, a real person sitting there..scared quite a few kids before they got their treats!! We had at least a dozen stop by which was more than last year. The weather had been great all day long. The kids were allowed to start at 5PM here but most waited until near dark or after. No fun in going in the daylight for sure.

November came in very windy and cool with rain. I was thrilled it wasn’t snowing too. Made cornbread and homemade vegetable soup. Ya’ll drop by  I have plenty left.  😉


 Kids here will be happy to know that the cold shouldn’t
stop them from their trick or treating,not sure about
the wind though.It has been pretty bad around here the past
few days.  IFthey are actually doing that sort of thing still.
Here Trick or Treat night is Saturday this year by city council
vote. No trick or treating on Sunday!! It seems like more and more
kids are using the school or church activities instead
of going door to door here . I don’t blame
them. Many places are staggering their schedules so
that kids can attend a party a day from mid-week
on. That means more fun and more treats. I remember
when we just got 3 hours and that was it. Maybe we had
a party at school and maybe not. Things sure have
changed over the years. Wink

These are worth clicking to see better.Smile


The cold moved in and the wind but no rain. It really
feels like winter now. We should have temps in the 30′s
tomorrow morning. The landscape has now changed from
autumn to winter, dark and tree bare in most places.
I took these photos last year of decorations around town
and this house looks almost exactly the same way. Still it
gets a lot of attention from the kids, especially at night!
Makes me wonder..where the heck do they keep all the stuff
they do all that decorating with?? hmm Thinking




So.. here it is Friday and another week has passed. This week it got colder, the trees started dropping their leaves even faster and all the fields are being harvested before the snow comes. Last night snow was reported in the upper peninsula of Michigan on the ground. We got a hard frost overnight. People  put up their decorations for Halloween. We never decorated much outside for Halloween. The times I did someone took  our pumpkin display and threw them in the street smashing them. I learned fast it just wasn’t worth it. Most of my decorations were all indoors from then on. As time goes on the kids are not around, so decorating for holidays is just not as much fun as it was in the past.  Halloween is about the   C A N D Y in my mind.. I mean I associate it with the sweets. Old favorites like popcorn balls and big candy bars always come to mind. We loved to trick or treat to the houses that served the biggest best candy treats. Our grade school had cake walks in the gym and every room had a different game where you could win a prize or some candy. What is better than that? It seems now days some of that is coming back. There are more parents taking their kids to parties at schools and churches now than ever. Trick or treating in our town has dwindled out a lot. Trunk or Treating is BIG.. a church parking lot with treats in all the car trunks and the kids go from one to another. They all  go inside for punch and cake or just to sit and visit with each other and play games. The whole thing is supervised and very very safe. Times have sure changed and so have the traditions that go with them.

Yesterday as I was busy baking, I got one of those automated phone calls. I hate those, but this one was welcomed. Seems when I switched over to KMART and their pharmacy, they put me on auto-refill list. The message tells you when you need to refill and how many you have left and when you can pick it up when it gets refilled. I have so many things to do that in a busy day, I sure appreciate their service so that is ONE LESS thing I have to worry over. I like it. Dealing with our pharmacy in town, you wait hours sometimes to get a refill and have it okay’d by the doctor etc. The city leaders wonder why we move our business elsewhere. The term SERVICE comes to mind.


  Well not much more from here..