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Kind of a struggle to keep remembering to even post here on this blog. Never ever thought it would get that way. Forget totally about it  as  I am always at Facebook. So easy to check in and out there and keep up to date with people I know. NO ONE bothers much to visit blogs any more. Should I keep this place open.. well I vowed to NEVER ever close it a long time ago. SO.. it stays here waiting for me to come back and DO SOMETHING. Any thing at all.

Life was pretty dull this winter.. I did not go out much due to the cold or the bronchitis I had.I spent some time watching APRIL the giraffe walk around her pen, as did millions of others. She didn’t have it until April 15th. It was a BOY yet to be named.. that made national news. At one time the counter at their YouTube channel said over one million watchers while it was happening. I also watched the great horned owl TIGER family nesting at the CLICK family home. Despite losing 4 eggs in a nest due to an ice storm the mom owl (Altera) laid another two eggs and they are doing well. AN orphan baby owl was also placed in the nest box and has been accepted as their own and thriving.  Bad news and crisis in this nation, watching the owls was somewhat calming and pleasant. I highly recommend it. The link to their page is in red above.

Spring has really sprung here now though so  I have been out and about on the bus and visiting.News of a new senior center opening next month has people talking. You have to be a MEMBER to go there and so that will hamper a lot of seniors on a fixed tight income. Wonder did they think of that? Well I guess I will wait and see if it is worth me joining as I have to pay to ride a bus to just get there every single visit. It does make a difference to some of us.Going through cabinets spring cleaning brought evidence of a visitor I would rather NOT have. I put out traps and see if it works. Peanut butter always does.. we will see. Getting ready for my niece to have her baby at any time now. We wait for the due date but could be early.. you never know with a second child. This will be a girl named LILY so we are all excited.Will post when that happens for sure.

WELL hope you all had a great Easter and will be enjoying some warmer weather this spring.






 Such gloomy and rainy days we are having. The cold doesn’t help
either. A friend called today and reminded  me that in this
kind of weather I love to bake. I put some stew on to cook slow
and help the house smell great. Then I whipped up
a real easy fast custard pie.
I make the pie from bisquick.. Yum! Makes it’s own crust and tastes wonderful.
Bisquick Impossible Custard Pie                 
1/2 cup Bisquick baking mix                                                                  
1/2 cup sugar
4 eggs (I have used eggbeaters)
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons butter, melted
Combine all in blender. Mix for 2 minutes. Pour into greased 9″ deep pie plate. Bake at 400ºF
 for 25-30 minutes or until custard is set.
(If you like coconut you can add 3 oz. of grated coconut)
News in the neighborhood is that the HAWK has been
spotted again. He is large, like I have mentioned before.
He still has the cover of the trees because they still have
a lot of leaves on them. We will see what happens when
all the leaves have fallen.
Less squirrel action around here for sure,every critter has
went into the survival mode. Still can’t figure out why
he is here instead of the large park we have only a few
blocks away. There must be something that keeps him in this
area. Thinking
BEFORE the rains came..color is everywhere you look. Over the next
few days there won’t be much left. We enjoy it while it lasts. Smile



We got lucky. Some places didn’t. Straight line winds
were fierce and did some damage but NOT here!
It was not even bad enough to unplug Miracle so
you KNOW it was mild. Very windy and by the time
it got here calmed down a lot. I was intrigued by the skies
and the weird looking cloud formations though.
The sun was setting and so it all looked unreal.
All of the sudden the sun peaked through and BLUE SKIES..
NOPE I looked NO rainbow! DARN!
No news on the baby watch. Guess the neighbor will go
in on Wednesday as scheduled. Went to City Hall and enquired
about the city wide clean up issue. Asked if they were going
to use dumpsters around town or not. NO ONE could answer that
question there. I guess if no one reminds them they just drop
the issue. So many residents would love to have a place to
at least drop off some unwanted things as they do their spring
cleaning. It was not mentioned at the recent City Council meetings
so that appears to be that!!
News came that another business in town may be on the way out.
A new general hardware store opened awhile back and apparently
gave the old one that has been there for probably 50 years
some competiton. I can see why it might close though. They don’t
have nearly the inventory to compete and offer the services that
the new place does. Sad to see another one go. The main street
is littered with empty spaces. A whole lot of them. Sad indeed. Sad
Well that is all the mundane stuff from here..
Hope you all have a wonderful day!