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first-snow09.jpgI am not really sure what is happening. It seems that we had the nice cold winter and some snow and then WHAM it got up to 60 for a few days and all the snow melted. We kind of enjoyed it and then I got sick.. YEAH first time in THREE years I got a bad cold from all that crazy weather I think. My sinus said.. WOW it must be spring lets RUN! My eyes said… let’s itch and get sticky. My joints and lungs said YEAH.. let’s have fun. NOW it is snowing again and COLD out. Very confusing. Back in 2009 it kinda did the same thing. It was a short winter for us here.

So maybe this year we will have an early spring. I just hope I am all well by then so I can get ready for the real SPRING allergy season.  IT NEVER SEEMS TO  END!spring








WELL here it is MARCH already, it came in like a lion snow and freezing rain. For the first time in YEARS I skipped a whole month with no posts here! Shocking for me for sure. I guess I posted on my other blog plenty though, that might  just make up for it. We have had a very mild winter here in my neck of the woods. LOVE It.. Never remember it snowing 12 inches back in the old days and then two days later all melted to NOTHING. The kids around here have had a lot of snow days and love being outside in the driving snow. Ahh for youthful times when you loved playing in it.

kidssnowI do wonder what is in store for Spring and Summer here too. Will it be ungodly hot and long? Guess we will just have to wait and see.  We have seen a whole lot of GREEN this winter. This was before the snow fell again.. only days ago.. 

CIMG3740What happened here in February was a very sudden loss in our little complex. A lady who had moved in my building less than 6 months suddenly died of a massive heart attack. She was only 56, a lot younger than me. Sure makes a person think about life and loss and what things you still want to do. I got to thinking I had no “Bucket List” made of things left undone. I am working on it as of this writing. 

Over the winter months I have read a lot of books. I found our local Goodwill store had books of all kinds  at 4/1.00.  I got a lot of reading time in. I came across several books by former presidents and first ladies. They have proven to be very informative about what it takes to be PRESIDENT of this country. In this election year it has helped me see that it takes a special knowledge and ability to do the very hard job of running our country. I will just say that it really opened my eyes to WHO was running for president and what abilities they have. Times are changing and we have to change with them, we wait and see how things work out.  NOW we just have to

welcome spring




JUNE 24th 2005  that is the day I began blogging. I am in my 9th year. I have had 2800 posts with almost 15,000 comments and 74,000 views over those 9 years.  I can hardly believe it!! It was at MSN that blogging started.  Something new I could do while learning more about a computer. Boy did it take off. I had an old used computer loaned from a friend and I named it RUPERT after Rupert Bonham  who was a player on Survivor, one of my favorite shows. I started from scratch on dial-up and very slowly learned how to use it and made friends in the cyber world. I made daily trips to the library to learn all I could about how computers work. There the computers were so much faster. I soaked it all in like a sponge. Blogging is not like it used to be, a close intimate community of caring people. Our own little family. As the years have passed I have blogged about events in the world and my life and its up and downs. A way to express my thoughts and goals in life. I am so grateful to have this way of communicating with others. I have had three desktop computers, two laptops and now the tablet. Times are changing and I post a lot less than I used to. It seems life is quicker with Facebook. I will try to post more this new year. Share whatever is on my mind. 


Today the ice from 1/2 inch of rain over the snow is keeping me from getting out and about. Yesterday our satellite dish went out because of the snow piled on it. The rep on the phone said..” we can send someone out to check it for a fee” ..ahh NO thanks.. the drifts of snow are up to your hind parts and the dish is on the ROOF.  Hard getting to the roof to get it off..the rain helped melt it off though.. just what we needed.  One wonders if it will freeze over and then no more tv for awhile. Life goes on. Went to the mailbox, hadn’t had mail in four days..it was covered by the snow plows throwing snow. They won’t deliver mail if they cannot get to it. The neighbors box  was thrown off, ours survived. Sis shoveled it out took almost an hour. Snow was about two feet deep. WHEW..winter is wild and scary this year. I thank God for our snow thrower. It worked like a charm and we have saved many back aches. I have drunk more hot chocolate, tea and hot soup than any other winter I can remember. I guess along with getting older we seek the things that comfort us don’t we!!

dividerI start 2014 and hope for goals to be conquered and life to get better. I hope you all have luck with all your dreams for the new year too. 




Hard to believe that only three short months ago it was still snowing..it seemed like the longest winter ever. Now the summer has blessed us with all that warmth that we all wanted so badly.  When you get too hot..just pause and be grateful that we have this respite from shoveling and driving in horrible conditions. Soon enough we will be back to the cold wanting the warmth once again. My opinion is summer doesn’t last quite long enough!!! Picture courtesy UPNORTHCINDY .





Got word that one of our Spaces Friends  has lost her father.
KIM..who used to live in Michigan and moved to Missouri,
has posted that her father passed away yesterday from a short
illness. It was quite a shock. Please keep her and her family
in your prayers as they travel to Florida for services. I send
all my hugs and prayers to her and her family.
This morning it was 14 below zero here..the wind chill was
25 below. The ice next door is nearly 6 feet long. If it were up to me,
I would have knocked it down a long time ago. I don’t think it is good to just
leave it hanging there. No one is using the back yard area but I know it
doesn’t do the house good to have all that weight hang there.
Haven’t seen icicles like this in years. Mom asked me if WE had them
on our house. I haven’t seen any but not sure. I usually am so busy when
I am outside I don’ t think to look.  I hope we don’t.
Weather reports it will be next Wednesday before we see any temps
above freezing. If you asked me now if I believe in global warming
I will say  YES!!

OH NO uh oh


When winter weather rears it ugly head you have to be cautious of every step you take. With the trackers, that I bought for my shoes, they sure came in handy. On my second trip, however ,to take our large can on rollers to the curb, the world came to an abrupt halt.Wham I hit the snowbank with a thud. THANK GOD the snow was not hard ICE! We have been piling it high at the entrance to the driveway so there was plenty of it. Was not hard to get up..the thing was, getting your balance on all those icy chunks that the  CITY saw fit to throw up as soon as I had it cleaned out. Grrrr  I hobbled back inside the house, grumbling to myself, thinking that I was sure lucky. People fall every single day in the winter time and I could have been one of them. One that broke something.. I came into the house and got the shovel and proceeded to shovel the rest of the snow from the step so that I could salt them down. I placed the shovel by the door and went to get the salt bag. WHAM the wooden handle of the shovel fell over and hit me in the face.

THE good side was I didn’t break my glasses!

I THINK IT JUST WASN’T MY DAY!!  I will let you know if  I get a black eye!




I am still learning to get or  load my pictures into
Miracle and where they are and how to use the
whole set up in editing them. It is so so different
from my Xp that I feel like I have went back in time
to the days when I was just a real beginner at the computer.
Learning all over again. Confused I just have no time to really
sit and look into what this and that does. It makes it hard
to do things that is for sure. Those of you who still have Xp be happy,
very HAPPY!  Progress is good they say, for me, I just am a little
hesitant to get  up to speed with everyone else I guess. Thinking
Moving on..
Saturday was boring.. cold. I made some chicken and noodles
and went out for a little errand and stopped to view the amazing
Such a strange sky, one layer looking one way and the top looking
a whole other one.
I went up the hill and saw the first one—-and then saw the whole sky laid out in different tones of
blue as the clouds covered the sun.
I went by the river to see if the winter geese were still there and there were many more
than last week. Probably a couple of hundred mostly adult were all gathered in the
open water and on the riverbank.
We have very little ice on the river. We should have very cold
temps by end of next week so most of this will be frozen over.
Today we will have freezing rain and some bad roads by morning.
I am glad I can stay indoors and not have to venture out.